Thursday, December 07, 2006


In single digits. This is craziness. I remember when we were trying to count down from some 160 or some insanely high number. I didn’t really get discouraging by counting from the high number because I knew each day was one day closer and the numbers would not go in reverse. It’s been fun watching those ladybugs creep closer and closer together. They have their antennas locked and it looks like the two of them may soon become one!

It’s amazing how fast time goes. It only goes faster as we grow older too. As I have the privilege of growing older with Laura and savor every day that God gives us together.

Everyday is a blessing and gift from God. One of the hardest things about this season is enjoying the day that God has given me and not looking ahead to the future. I know that even once we get to marriage there will be times when I will look ahead to something else. For now, I want to cultivate a heart that is filled with joy because of all the grace that God has poured out for today.

Reason #9 for why I am excited to marry Laura:
She is living for more then just marriage or anything this world offers.

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Laura said...

I can't wait to have you as my husband! I love you ;)