Sunday, September 30, 2007

Butlers Orchard

I had the opportunity to go pick apples and raspberries with my sister-in-law Priscila and my friend Deanna. Their kids are sooo cute. It provided many opportunities for taking pictures ;)

Here are a few:

Cute little Bryan was mesmerized by was quite cute!

Little Gianna trying to get some berries

I love this picture of the two of them!

Deanna and Bryan picking berries

Yum...apparently his fist was quite tasty!


Mrs. Ellis said...

Oh my little photographer, Laura, you are doing great! These pics are beautiful and made my heart smile!! Keep up the good work! I love going to your blog! Mama

Hannah said...

Beautiful pictures and I am wishing I was close enough to pick Raspberries. Thay are my favorite!

Beka said...

Ooh... those two little ones are just so cute! Great pictures, Laura! And looks like you all had a wonderful time...

My mom and I will be picking pears and apples during this next week!

Seth and Janet said...

so cute! little ones are so much fun to take pics of.

and...i want to see your recipes too :)

Prellis said...

I loved the pictures!!! And our time together too! Hope to be able to hang out with you again.