Friday, November 23, 2007

Favorite time of year...

This time of year is definitely a special time of year for us.  The time frame between Thanksgiving and New Years was always so special growing up.  My parents had many traditions and we made so many fun memories growing up. But this time of year is special for another reason too, almost one year ago I became Mrs. Lewis.  The last couple days as we were celebrating Thanksgiving it was so much fun to think back to last year at this time.  I remember it so well, the craziness of school, planning a wedding, and getting ready for the Holidays.  I think I have partly forgotten the craziness, and mainly remember the butterflies and the excitement of becoming Lew's wife.  It's hard to believe that here we are, almost at our one year anniversary, now making some of our own traditions and memories.  And this time of year wouldn't be complete without school craziness, but this week has been a nice little break, I got a full week off!
Yesterday we spent the day at my parents and had a lot of fun eating lots of good food, and spending time with all our family (except Hannah's family, and Rissa...we missed you all!!)  Here are a few cute pictures from yesterday ( I couldn't take too many because my camera battery was dying and I forgot to charge the battery, but I did get lots of Gianna though!)
The order of the pictures are kind of random, I couldn't get blogger to sort them...

Mommy and Gianna

Sitting on the stool... (she loved this little stool, she kept climbing up on it!)

"Meema" and Gianna


Playing Frisbee with Dad

Then today we followed in one of my family's traditions and went to Pine Valley Farms to cut down our first tree...well my Dad really did the cutting, but picking it out was a family effort.   Once we found the right one we loaded it up and brought it home.  What seemed like an "easy" task wasn't quite as easy as we thought, but it was fun none-the-less.  I had to laugh as we were trying to get it to stand up straight for the tenth parents made it look so easy all those years ;)  We finally got it up and added the lights and decorations, then spent a little while trying to clean the needles off of the floor.  But let me just say this, the work was worth it.  Having the tree up made our little place feel so cozy, and the smell is amazing!  Then after the tree was up, and some yummy left overs were eaten, we started a new little tradition... a Christmas movie marathon.  Right now I'm watching home alone 2, with my sleepy husband passed out beside me (he was out after the 2nd one!)
Here are a few captured moments in the process of putting up the tree...

Finally got it where to put it?

Lew trying to snip away some of the branches so it will fit in the stand

Finally got it standing and the decorations are on...


Seth and Janet said...

awww I like your tree. and yes it is such an exciting time of year! brings back so many happy memories :)

Mrs. Ellis said...

Wow , your tree is BEAUTIFUL! you all did a great job, and bravo for persevering! Dad and I have learned many thing over the years about getting the tree to sit nicely in its stand!