Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seriously good baking...

Sweets have been on my mind and in my belly a lot lately....what can I say. Sometimes I blame Miya for it. Lew laughs at me because it will be like 10 at night and I will come across a picture of really good food (usually dessert) and all the sudden I'm "STARVING".

Either way I have been trying out new recipes and came across this blog and it's my new fav:

These little gems to the left are an example.
Pumpkin Cookies with Butterscotch
Soooooo delicious! I made them twice and they are so easy. They also aren't like typical cookies, they are fluffy and cakey and oh so good.

Either way check her blog out. I am not a skilled baker but most of her recipes are easy and simple to make and her descriptions of food are fun to read. Just a word of caution: they may make you feel "STARVING" too. :)


Jessica said...

Laura, I added that blog to my Google reader and love it. Though now I totally want to buy more baking paraphernalia. For example, there was a kitchen aid mixer that this blog, http://elise.com/recipes/, talked about that is on sale at amazon for only $160! I've decided I really don't need it right now. But it sure would be fun to use while baking. :)

Joy the Baker said...

Your cookies came out beautifully! They are so easy to make, I sometimes find myself throwing them together a few times a week! I'm so glad you like them!

Laura said...

Jessica: I know I LOVE my kitchen aid mixer. Thankfully we got it as a wedding gift :)

Joy: Thanks for your comment :) I love your blog! I just saw your first podcast,it was great. Made me want to run to the store to get ingredients to make that cheesecake!