Monday, March 02, 2009

*primal instincts*

Yes folks the oh so "natural" urge to nest has kicked into high gear. All I can say is poor Lew is getting dragged along for the ride, but unfortunately he doesn't get the adrenaline rush that I get with nesting.

It all started Saturday morning. We had planned to go to Ikea to get a few things we still needed for the nursery. It seemed like everything we needed was there and we headed back home. In Lew's mind we were done for the day and would enjoy a nice relaxing day at home. In fact I think he even mentioned something about a tea party and reading together (yes my sweet love enjoys tea parties with his wife, and I'm sure his daughter will enjoy this about him when she is old enough to partake). Anyways, this pregnant woman had a very different idea. I got home and began opening and assembling everything we got at warped speed. I almost felt compelled to get everything done. So here I am assembling, hanging, and sorting poor Lew is just sitting puzzled...what happened to a nice relaxing tea party? There was no stopping me at this point. Until we found out we bought the wrong size curtain rod. Instead of just waiting to go back to ikea another time and return the wrong one for the correct size we ended up going back out to target to get the proper size rod (I wonder whose idea that was). Then we got home and the madness didn't stop there. I insisted that we could hang the curtain rod without a drill. Neither of us had done it before and I was sure we could do it. Of course I was wrong and it took about 4 holes in the wall and no progress to figure that out.

Around 4 (our day of nesting started at 8am mind you) Lew finally got his break. While I still tried to sort through clothes, books, baby stuff etc... Once Lew woke up from his nap we decided to borrow a drill from a friend (thanks Remy's!) and give the curtain rod another try. So we got the drill but still couldn't get the holes to go in as far as the screw needed to go in, it was like we were hitting metal at a certain point. We tried different spots thinking maybe it was just these certain areas of the wall...but still no success. Finally after a long time of trying and poor Lew standing on top of 2 phone books on a chair (see what he'll do to make his pregnant wife happy!) we finally had a successful hole on the right side. We were sure we figured out the perfect spot and went to finish up on the left side, except we still couldn't get the hole to work on the left side. We both sat down exhausted and did what any smart person would do...turned to our friend google. I don't remember what google told Lew to do but finally after one last attempt he got it! And there was lots of rejoicing in Miya's room! We hung the curtains and then looked up and laughed at the 6 or 7 "practice" holes that we made in our several attempts. We will no doubt never forget this day of nesting :) Then after we got the curtains hung I sat in the rocking chair and just looked around for a long while. I couldn't believe how much we got done in one day! We are pretty much done. Now we just wait for our sweet girl to make her arrival. The next project is to organize her closet. But I promised Lew we would take a few weeks for that...poor guy needs a break. I just never could have believed just how primal this nesting instinct is! It was as if in my mind there was no stopping these things just "had" to get done...even though there are 5 weeks just doesn't seem very long, and what if she comes early (wishful thinking on my part?) We finally were done by 9 and I laid in bed awake for many hours thinking about things we still may need to get done before Miya comes. Then when I finally dozed off I dreamt about anchor screws and draperies. It seems my mind couldn't stop even though my body had finally slowed down.

Well without further ado, if any of you are still reading after the "book" I wrote above here are a few pictures of the progress we made. It's finally coming together. I just can't believe how fast time is going! Do you see those numbers on the side...34 more days. Yikes :)

The curtains finally hung :)

It's hard to see in this picture but the little birdie mobile was one of my favorite purchase from etsy! It was a surprise from Lew. You can get a better look at it here.

I was so thankful for this find at ikea. Originally we were trying to find a small table for next to the rocker. We wanted a place to sit a small lamp as well as a place to store nursing stuff and other stuff I might need easy access to. Well we couldn't find one that would fit the space well so instead we found these little cloth compartments that you can hang on the wall! It's supposed to be for magazines but works perfect for baby stuff and is reachable from the rocker and the changing table. Then we found a little lamp we could mount on the wall. Now we don't have to worry about another piece of furniture crowding the room.

Well that's it. For now. I still can't believe how fast time is going. I just can't wait to meet this sweet little girl. I will probably post a real pregnancy update later on today.


Jessica said...

Laura, the room is looking great! It may have exhausted Lew, but it was worth it. :)

Bob Lewis said...

The room looks great!