Monday, November 23, 2009

For Nana and Grandpop...

Miya opening her book from nana and grandpop! She loved hearing your voices :) Don't worry about all her fussing, she gets upset when she is forced to sit still for too long, but she loves it! We read the story (actually you read it :)) over 3 times before bed and she giggled and squealed each time.

And Miya reunites with her paci. It was hilarious, she found one of her old paci's (which she has not taken for many many months!) and she popped it in as if she had never been apart from it! But then she finds all kinds of other things to do with is :) She is such a silly girl! When she is older we can't wait to share the love hate relationship we had with her paci in those early days!!

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amy said...

cool book! and she is absolutely adorable. love her little voice... and when she said "thank you," that was awesome!