Friday, April 08, 2011


We had the joy of having the Lewis family visiting this past week, and took advantage of the one beautiful day we had with temps into the 80's! Who knew how precious a little sunshine could be when we have had such a dreary spring so far. So we went to the zoo. My original thought was: this is perfect we will go around 10 (metro down) walk around, grab lunch, walk around some more looking at animals, take our time...and head home around 3ish to beat rush hour. Yes that meant skipping naptime, but come on we're talking about the zoo here! Well we all know things never go how we "imagine" them with a toddler.

So our day looked more like: leave the house closer to 11, get down to DC closer to 12, try to convince a hungry tired toddler that she'd rather look at animals in the distance than eat lunch (didn't win that one) then to cave after only being there for 20 or so minutes by standing in line for 30 minutes at the only open place to buy lunch (after snacks didn't suffice) walk around for about another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes...then to have our toddler convince us she was ready to go home around 1:30. Def. not as I expected, BUT if you ask Miya about her zoo experience she will say it was SO FUN! She thought it was awesome. I think toddlers are just that fickle :) And truly I am convinced 2 hours feels like 5 to a child. So in her eyes she was there all day!

Either way it was a fun memory and Miya did have lot's of highlights that she is still talking about today. Her favorite? The panda! The funniest thing was this was the furthest away animal she saw. You can see in the pic below the panda sitting in tree eating a branch. As miya describes: "panda pull down da bwanch and eat it!" she will say it over and over again laughing every time. It was definitely her highlight, and I now think panda's are her "favowite" animal.

Miya's fav spot to be perched: "papas showdas"

engrossed in her panda viewing.

sunny sunglasses day :)

she really was that enthralled by the panda!

These orangutangs were the cutest. The were so lovey dovey and just kinda snuggled together every once and a while posing for a picture

Hanging with Nana and Dedad

Miya loves her dedad!

mmm "pwum" miya is obsessed with them lately.

the "zebwas" another miya highlight

All in all Miya was satisfied with her trip, and mommy got some mango gelato (for a whopping 5 bucks for a small....gotta love those zoo prices :)) so I'd say it was a win.

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amy said...

don't you just love how things NEVER go the way you think they will? we took the boys to the zoo a couple months ago, and after a couple of hours being there, including taking time to eat lunch, william turns to bill and says, "Dada, I don't want to see ANY more aminals." so i guess it was time to head home early. =P maybe one day these family outings will work out. ;)