Friday, January 12, 2007

First dinner guests

So last night Lew and I were able to have our first dinner guests. It was a memorable night full of lots of laughing. Check out a few pictures of our evening...we'll start with the normal and then work our way to the funny.

Here are the last remaining of the original Ellis household: Grandma K, Mom, Dad, and Charissa

Mom and Dad Ellis who just celebrated their 31st anniversary ;)

There are not too many words to describe the following pictures....see for yourself

Mom and Lew performing a rendition of "you are always with me" from the Awesome God Cd...My Mom is in the process of teaching this to her preschool classes

More performing...same song

and more...

Here they are saying "where can I hide" ;) My Mom and Lew are so alike...both children at heart

Lew and Grandma K. having a jam session..

My grandma having her own unique jam session

This ones priceless...the Ellis family true colors...this shows just how much fun they are to be around! Thank you guys for coming over ;) We love you so much!


Mrs. Ellis said...

Laura n' Lew:
Thanks for the yummy food and fun fellowship
We LOVE you both and are so excited at how God has provided and will continue to pour out His blessings as you keep HIM #1!!!!!!

Hannah said...

I especially love Grandma's pants in the pictures she is jamming!

Your big sister Cherai said...

OK, enough being a voyuer. Hmm, did i spell that right? Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with you guys as I travel on the road. The apt looks really cute. Can't wait to come see it in person. Talk to you soon! Love you both!

Rachel said...

gotta love grandma's unique jam session! :o)