Friday, January 19, 2007

Wedding pictures...finally!

At last we got our wedding photos! So here are a some of them to sum up our day ;) Unfortunately because of the way I posted them the order of the day is backwards and starts at the end. So if you want to look at them in order you can start at the bottom of the post.
Enjoy ;) (To see the pictures better you can blow them up by clicking on them..I think!)

After the reception before we leave the church

Outside of our Church

Isaiah with Mommy and Aunt Laura (Lewis!)

Our nephew Isaiah and niece Gianna with their parents

The Matron of Honor and Best Man with Lew and I after their toast


Our wedding party says hello

Our two "armies" (as the photographer called them)

Me with the guys

Both sets of parents

The Lewis family

The Ellis Family

The Ellis siblings

Lew's dance with his Mother to "What a Wonderful World"

My dance with my Dad to "Find Your Wings"

Our first dance

Cake Cutting ceremony

We really had no idea how to cut the cake! It was pretty funny, we just looked at it like...uhhh....and then finally we just did our best. The cake was more like a blob on our plate but hey mission accomplished ;)

Being announced as the Lewis' for the first time

Immediately after our ceremony...enjoying our first moments as a married couple

The Recessional

First kiss as man and wife

Saying our vows (which Lew had written)

Lighting our unity candle

This was right after the unity candle was lit...we had a nice long (funny) conversation on stage while our song played. We had so much catching up to do from that morning ;)

This is the view of the stage during worship

Right after my Father gave me away

This picture makes me laugh because of the look on Lew's face. He was sooooo happy and you could see it all over his face for the entire day!

My Dad and I making our way down the isle to "Grace Flows Down" by Watermark

Here is Lew watching me walk down the isle....look at his sweet! I remember as I was walking down feeling so nervous but then as soon as my eyes met his and I saw his big smile I felt so happy and full of peace!

Lew with his Best Man (my brother Jeremy)

Lew with his brother Brian...don't they look so happy!

My Sweetie Pie before the ceremony began

The Groomsman.....jumping for joy?

My "army" of ladies

Me and Daddy ;)

Me before the ceremony...I was really nervous! In some of the pictures you can see it in my eyes...That lasted until right before the ceremony and then as soon as we made our way down the isle I was at perfect peace.

My bridal party in the "green room" right before the ceremony


Lew said...

I love these pictures! So great to relive our special day! It seems like something out of a fairy tale, my beautiful bride, my princess!

Christopher said...


Many blessings to you and your bride from Colorado. So glad to see these pictures of your wedding! May the Lord continue to ground you in his truth and bind you together in his love.

C Taylor

Your sister Cherai said...

These are great. I've already started passing them around to friends and family. Please let me know when we can order one (or two - or ten)! Love y'all.

Rebecca Nugent said...

Oh yeah, buddy! We're so happy for you, Lew (and Laura- even though we've never met! We're friends of Lew's from CGS in B-ton. We now live in Nashville.)

Praise God for his blessings!