Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"All Aboard"

Baldwin Station : winner from 1998-2005 of best restaurant from Baltimore Magazine & date night destination of Lew and Laura on 03/03/07

One of the most disappointing things in life is when you get excited something for and it doesn’t live up to expectations. This past Saturday Laura and I went to a restaurant that I had found online and it definitely exceeded our expectations. The restaurant is called, “Baldwin Station,” and is located in Sykesville, MD. Sykesville, you ask. Yes, Sykesville and as the Washington Post states, “It is worth the trip.”

Baldwin Station is located on the Patapsco River and is actually an old train station that was converted into a restaurant. When the weather is nice they have been indoor and outdoor seating. It is a very family friendly restaurant to as along with being a hot spot for acoustic musical venues, there is also a children’s theatre at the restaurant.

Lastly, the food, it was exquisite. We had authentic Maryland lump crabcakes. I heard my mom speak of these authentic Maryland lump crabcakes where it is mostly crab and minimal cake. Not until Baldwin Station did I experience it for myself. Laura even claims that these are the best crabcakes she has ever had.

If you get a chance to make it out to the country to visit the winner of City Paper’s Best Romantic Restaurant in 2000.


Rachel said...

That sounds great! Jer loves lump crab cakes... I'll have to tell him about it! Was it a celebration dinner?? :o)

Laura said...

Yeah, it was our "yay God provided Lew's new job" dinner ;)

Jess said...

Sounds great - next time Dave and I are in town, we will have to take the family there!

Anonymous said...

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