Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Fun

So this weekend didn't start out so fun because my sweet husband left on Friday for a weekend camping trip with some of his guy was fun for him....but a little sad for me. It was our first separation since we have been married and I missed him so much! But he had a great time and I actually was able to have some good quality time with my sister Charissa who kindly spent the night with me Friday night. It's funny because I realized how much my sweet husband does for me on a regular basis.. so many things that often go in missing him I was reminded how thankful I am for him, and how much sweeter life is with him by my side.

When Lew returned on Sunday we began his birthday week (an idea borrowed from my sis-in-law Rachel) The idea is basically to start the week before his birthday, which is next Sunday the 6th, and spend the whole week blessing him, encouraging him, and doing all the things he loves! So, yesterday originally the plan was to go to the zoo, but that didn't work out so we went to South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland and had so much fun. My personal favorite was the little calves, some were only a week old and they were really funny! They just wanted to keep licking our was actually pretty gross, but they were too cute to resist ;) We also got homemade ice cream and fresh milk while we were there....yum!

They have the funniest tongues! You can see the corner of it in this picture. There really long and if you put your hand near their mouths they wrap their scratchy slimy tongues around your hand....pretty funny.....and gross at the same time!

This particular calf kept mooing really loud. It was funny because I think it wanted some attention.

Its funny if you enlarge this picture you can see this calf licking his nose...pretty cute.

To top off our Sunday we went to get fresh of our favorites! For only getting one day together we really enjoyed it! I will keep you posted on the rest of Lew's Birthday week.

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Mrs. Ellis said...

Wow, sounds like so much fun......I can hear that little cow mooing right now as I comment!!!Maybe you can suggest to Dad to give me a "Birthday week"