Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beach pictures...Take 1

We had so much fun at the beach. God blessed us with beautiful weather and a beautiful ocean front home to stay in! Lew and I both agree the highlight was not only getting to spend time together as well as with Sam and Pri, but also Gianna ;) She is growing so fast and we had so much fun playing with her and watching her experience the beach for the first time! Thanks Sam and Pri for such a wonderful weekend! We are so grateful for you guys.

She loves her thumb!

We couldn't get her to look at the camera on this one...something had caught her attention in the other direction! This picture shows a view of the ocean. The townhouse was ocean front and had a beautiful view of the beach. It had a balcony on each of the beach side rooms. Lew and were so blessed to get to stay here for free!

Gianna's little pool. She looks a little hesitant at first, but she actually loved playing in the water!

This picture along with the next one are two of my favorites of Sam and Gianna. It was so sweet to see Sam interacting and playing with Gianna, he is such a great Daddy!

Sam, Lew and Gianna.
Sam and Lew were the only brave ones to go in the water all the way. Even though the weather was beautiful and in the 80's the water was pretty cold! Lew usually was shivering by the time he got out, but that didn't stop him from going right back in within an hour ;)

Walking on the beach while it was still peaceful. The beach was so still and quiet in the morning before everyone came out.

Gianna with her cousin Aleana. They are so cute together (I actually think they look a lot like sisters!) and Aleana loves to play with Gianna.

Stay tuned...more pictures to come tomorrow!


Rachel said...

Great pictures, Laura! Gianna looks so much like Sam!!

Hannah said...

I miss you guys! Gianna is such a cutie and I love the pictures of Sam & Gianna too. I look forward to more pictures! Glad your feeling better. Love ya!

Prellis said...

It was such a joy having you guys at the beach with us. We are so glad you are feeling better!