Monday, May 07, 2007

Birthday Fun

So birthday week has come to a close. There is too much to post all in one, but I will post a few fun recipes throughout the week that we have enjoyed during this weeks festivities ;)

For now I will post some pictures of the fun we had this weekend.

First we had a great time Saturday, we had a lot of downtime during the day and per Lew's request we were able to have a tea party together. Yes, thats right for most of you who know my husband you know his love for good tea. So, he was able to open his new stash of Teaforte exotics tea... a birthday present much researched by his wife. It's hard buying tea for a tea snob like Lew ;) The tea bags are so cute they stand straight up like a triangle and have little stem with a leaf that stands up above the tea bag I give them an A for presentation and taste!

Notice Lew's new glasses? Lew decided on some new frames which God amazingly provided for. I'm a fan ;)
Then that evening we were able to go to a baseball game together, one of my favorite things to do with Lew! And for the first time this season the Orioles did really well ;) The same thing happened last year for Lew's birthday when we went to an O's game, we must be their good luck charm ;)

Then Sunday we were able to have a cookout with the Hendricks family and some of my family. It happened to be that Diana Hendricks and Lew have the same birthday, so we had a combined party. It was so much fun! So here are the pics:
Mom & Dad Ellis

My sister Charissa with her college roommate Libby

Gianna with "Dada"

Making rounds and visiting Grandpa

...and Great Grandma...

And finally free to roam and show off her new crawling moves

Diana and Lew as we sing Happy Birthday

Grandma and Lew

Isaiah swinging

Isaiah and Mama

We had a great time with everyone! So glad Lew could celebrate his birthday with you all!

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Rachel said...

I think that is the coolest tea bag I have ever seen... wish we could have been there for the party!!