Monday, June 11, 2007

Another fun week...

This past week was a lot of fun and not quite as busy as some. Thursday night my sister Charissa and I went and picked some strawberries from Larriland farm. Aren't they beautiful?! And they tasted sooo good too. In fact we ate them all (5 lbs of them) in 24 hours ;) This was our first time having fresh picked strawberries and it was so worth it! God also answered a huge prayer request for me in the most unexpected time! While we were at the farm my sister ran into a girl who just graduated from her college. The girl was asking her if she was interested in being a camp counselor for a camp in august, but my little sister is already going to be a counselor at another camp that same week in august. Well I was so shocked because this past month I have been praying for opportunities to be a counselor at a camp this summer for underprivileged children but hadn't found any open doors yet. This has been my dream to do before I start working. So I asked her about the camp and it just so happens that it is for children from intercity Baltimore who are infected with HIV, and they actually are in need of people with a health care background . I knew this was God opening a door so I gave her my info and it looks like I will be going for the first week of August! The camp is actually a Christian run camp and the point is to reach out and show love to these children who can sometimes be treated as outcasts! I am so looking forward to this opportunity. If anyone else in our area is interested in this, please let me know. They are still looking for more counselors.

Lew and I also had a picnic at Tridelphia Lake which was so beautiful! The weather was really nice and from the picnic tables on the hill you can see the sunset over the lake. We had a very nice time.

Then Saturday night my Parents, Rissa, and Lew and I went to my second cousins graduation party in Westminster. My Mom and Lew had a great time on the trampoline as you can see by the pictures:

This is my favorite ;) Lew and my Mom are definitely one of a kind!

Then we played horseshoes, which seems to be kind of a family tradition on my Moms side of the family for graduation parties ;)

Rissa after she got a "ringer"

My luck wasn't so fact I think I got close to the pit once! It was pretty funny.
My Dad was the best. He some how managed to win 3 games in a row!

And our highlight from the weekend was going to South Mountain Creamery again, but this time with Jeremy and Rachel. We had so much fun and this time got to feed the baby calves!

This is the story of a greedy goat. He saw some hay that seemed fresher and tastier than the rest so he climbed his way into the calves pen and ate of the grass for a while and then realized he couldn't get out! The poor guy was stuck in there and couldn't climb back out from under the gate. Poor greedy goat, he sacrificed his freedom for a full stomach ;)

Training for parenthood:

Jeremy soon realizes that these cows are not like babies. They try to pull the bottle away and not only that, when you take the bottle away because it's empty they become ferocious aggressive cows ;) They acted like they were starving! And then they would try to steal the bottle away from the cow next to them.

Some more fun farm pictures:
This cow had really nice eyelashes ;)

A mother with her kittens

This one was going after Jeremy's knee!!
Rachel and I with the kittens.

Thanks Jer and Rach! We had so much fun with you guys.


Hannah said...

Thanks for all the great pictures. Helps me feel closer. Looks like lots of fun. I miss you and can't wait to see you!

Rachel said...

Thanks for coming with us! And for being flexible when we had to have a 'picnic' in the car b/c of the rain!

Mrs. Ellis said...

Great pictures, Sweetie!! It was fun jumping with you and Riss and Lew!! I loved the farm pics, too!! You all look like you can handle those baby bottles well!!!!

Jess said...

Those strawberries look so yummy!! Hope your mouth is doing better!