Monday, June 04, 2007

Busy Weekend

We had a busy but fun weekend. Saturday we spent all day at Mt. Vernon and despite the insanely hot weather we had a great time.

The mansion. It looked beautiful from the outside but there was a really looooong line waiting to get inside...maybe next time?

My attempt at cracking corn

The memorial/grave site for the Washington family.

By the Potomac

We took a cruise on the Potomac which was really beautiful.

One of the little "friends" on the farm. We actually felt rather sorry for them because they were so hot that they were all panting.

Behind us is one of their mini replicas of Washingtons farms. It was beautiful.

Then on Sunday my sister-in law Priscila and I went to our good friend Cheryl's bridal shower, she is getting married this very exciting. And very unfortunate but I didn't take any pictures of her shower :( but here is one of us from my wedding
We love you Cheryl, and can't wait for your special day!

After the shower began the Celebration for this guys birthday:

My brother Sam. We love you so much Sam! Glad we could celebrate your Birthday with you.

Rachel, Jeremy and Gianna ;)

The Birthday boy and Priscila

Gianna thoroughly enjoyed the festivities!

And to top it off Jeremy Rachel, Rissa, and Lew and I enjoyed a game of Mysteries of the Abbey ;) Yes for those who have heard of this game it has become an Ellis tradition now for all major gatherings! It is basically a different (much better I must say) version of Clue. Here is a photo all participating Monks
There is no possible explaination I can give for this picture ;)

This was Mom after a busy day of cooking for all of us:

Thanks for having us all over Mama! We love you.

And that concludes our weekend update!


Jess said...

I had to laugh, because I titled one of my blog posts, "busy weekend". It's always amazing how sometimes the weekends feel busier than the work weeks! Sounds like you all had a great time!

Rachel said...

I love your pictures Laura! Especially the special monk picture...

Maybe Jeremy already told you this--but when we went to Mt. Vernon we didn't go in the house either b/c of the long line. Which seems kind of funny since that is kind of the whole point of going... glad to know we're not alone in that! :)

Hannah said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Wish we could have been there for Sam's birthday celebration and the monk game! Love ya!