Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11 weeks and so behind!

Wow this blog has not only been neglected...but I have been looking back and it's become all about Miya! What can we say, she is much cuter and much more interesting than we are.
Also posting pictures on facebook is SOO much easier and faster so I have been doing that more, just to save time. We also are using shutterfly to post pictures. You can see them here.

I can't get over the fact that she is 11 1/2 weeks. Seriously, people said it would go "fast" but this is much faster than I expected! We have been through such a journey, learning to be her Mommy and Daddy and learning to not trust in our own strength while we do it. It's amazing to watch our little girl grow, and see her changing and learning new things right before our eyes. Since she has been babbling away I find that I can just sit and watch her and listen to her forever! Just this week she has started to enjoy a little bit of independent play, which is such a nice break for me. I lay her on her little play mat which has a mirror over it, and she will just lay there and coo/babble/smile/laugh, all while she kicks her little feet wildly. It's just precious. She also has started to spend a little time in her bumbo seat which is really funny.

She starts off doing good, using those neck muscles..and will stay that way for a good while...
Then she starts to recline...and looks something like this. It cracks me up every time. Don't you just love her little "kisser?"


looking at me like I am crazy!

haha silly mommy.

trying on her bikini that she borrowed from her cousin, although daddy has decided his little girl will not wear a bikini at the beach!


again, I love her little kisser :)

We are enjoying our girl so much. She has started to really grow out of the "fussies" and we are so glad! We actually saw a GI doctor this past week and she confirmed that she is sensitive to not only dairy in my diet, but soy as well. So that has been a huge adjustment for me as they are both in pretty much everything. We have seen a huge difference as I have cut them out, so it's worth the sacrifice. But I must say as soon as I am able (maybe when she is around 6 months) I am going to get myself a HUGE milkshake. We are hoping she does grow out of it.

It's been such a joy to watch her discover the world, she is very attentive to noises and lots of things catch her attention. The other day we were walking outside and she heard a bird chirping and turned in that direction just memorized by the bird. It was too cute. She also LOVES music, in specific we have this childrens CD that has 150 kids songs, sung by children, and she just loves it. It has been a life saver in the care as she usually screams whenever in her carseat, but yesterday I turned it on and she stopped, and even fell asleep! The only problem is I can't get these songs out of my head! I still have the words to muffin man and billy boy running through my mind :o)

She also has started to LOVE her bath time, so we now give her a bath every night! The only issue we have been running into is getting her to not go potty in the bath...we're working on it.

Our girl also has started to teethe. Thankfully it's off and on, but my pediatrician said she wouldn't be surprised if she cuts her teeth early, especially because I did. Miya is growing up WAY too fast! But we are enjoying every minute of it.

Well, I guess that is life for now! The Lewis Grandparents and Auntie Cherai are coming for a visit soon, and we can't wait for them to see Miya as she has changed a lot since the last time they saw her!


Brandy said...

Its been too long since we have visited- she is getting so big! Im SO glad that she is getting over the fussies! :O)

Brandy said...

Its been too long since we have visited- she is getting so big! Im SO glad that she is getting over the fussies! :O)