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{some pictures from our recent beach trip}

Life is busy (what's new!) but Miya is growing and changing at such a rapid rate, I can't help but pause and make a few notes. I realize how quickly I forget to notice all the fun little things our girly is learning. She is almost 17months old and I can't help but ask the cliche question "where did the time go!?"

A few fun "miya-isms"

Shishy (still her fav snack)
Moooooowa (looooong O with a very high pitch squeak and a slightly British twang) = more
Hi Momma, hi! She likes to start with hi and end with hi (same for bye bye)
Awww bebe: I must say this and not realize it, but she says with little babies and dogs alike :)
I-lu-youuuuu: She points to her eyes, then her heart, then at the other person (usually the dogs!)
ah-dun= all done. She def tells us when she doesn't like something or when she has had enough
no no no noooooo: usually she says it to herself after she has done something naughty
hoisy (usually followed by a nay nay): horses seem to be one of her favorite animals currently
Roooooar: most animals if you ask what sound they make she will reply with a roar. Close enough I suppose :)
Shea=hair. She has a fascination for those teeny curls on her head
Owe-side=outside (your fav place to be)
Shoose=shoes (still your fav accessory)
Mwah!= her sound for kisses

Other fun things

You wave with the cutest little floppy wrist ever.

You love to say hi and bye bye to inanimate objects, and you do so with such enthusiasm (this includes saying bye bye to your crib when you wake up in the morning or from naps)

You love to hug and kiss all babies and all children for that matter. Have had a few awkward moments in public when you run up to kids you don't know and try to kiss them...on the lips!

You still amaze me with your sleep habits, sometimes 13 hours at night and then a 2-4 hour nap during the day. I am now convinced no sibling of yours will ever be able to spoil us as you have.

You love people and love being out and about where you can people watch. you love to wave to random strangers and get their attention, but when they try to approach you all the sudden you are overcome with shyness :)

You continue with your growling to sleep and when waking up. We know you are getting sleepy when you start growling, and know your waking up the same way.

You like to "hug" by bowing your head and nestling up to someone (or something) :) You usually also include a few "awww bebe" or "awwww papa" with your hugs. It melts my heart.

You have become very fascinated with "baybees" and tend to think any child your size or smaller is a baby...even though they almost always are older than you!
A family update
Things are going well. We are still living with my parents and overwhelmed with thankfulness to them for bearing with us and allowing us to really tackle debt and savings. We still aren't clear on what the best next step is (renting -vs- buying) but trusting God has a good plan. Lew continues to look for work and I am currently working nights at Shady Grove Hospital and loving it. God has continued to provide in amazing ways and we are truly blown away. More than anything I have learned to enjoy the simple things. Yes, I miss having my "own" home, and I miss all the joys that come with that, but I have learned that home is what you make it. It's more than a physical space to call "yours". It's been such a joy living with my parents, that's 4 generations under one roof! Miya loves getting to see her grand grandma, aunt "roo roo", Meema, and pop pop on a daily basis. And honestly I think it's going to be hard to transition once we move out because she is so used to being surrounded by family. But for now we are enjoying where God has us, seeking to enjoy His many gifts and not be anxious about where we will be 6months to a year from now. God has always been faithful!

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