Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quick Thought on Communication

I just got the book "The Exemplary Husband," and I am excited to start reading it. Specifically the chapter on communication.

Being a guy, I generally don't excel at communication, especially meaningful communication. Guys are great at communicating when they know no one is listening. Think about it for a second. Take for example, if a guy is watching sporting event on TV and the athlete clearly can not hear him, the guy will yell clear direction and opinion to the athlete on the TV screen. Granted, it would be logical that since the athlete is on tv and cannot read body language or even hear the loudest shouts to assume that any communication would be useless, but yet men of all ages attempt this.

If a guy needs to communicate something to a significant other, instead of using any and all means necessary to make sure they are on the same page, he will just remain quiet or assume she knows what he is thinking. A popular game many guys grew up playing is, "Guess what I'm thinking," where other people have to guess what you are thinking instead of clearly letting others know what you are thinking.

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