Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Decrees of God

13 Who has directed the Spirit of the LORD,
Or as His counselor has taught Him?
14 With whom did He take counsel, and who instructed Him,
And taught Him in the path of justice?
Who taught Him knowledge,
And showed Him the way of understanding? (Isaiah 40:13-14)

It's crazy to think that we are only four and a half months away from our wedding. When I think about time, it goes by so fast. By the end of this month Laura and I will have been together for a year. In September I will have been at my current job for a year. I haven't worked the same job for over a year since I worked at the Blue Bottle (I did have one job in grad school where I was employeed there for over a year, but I was gone for two months for my internship). A little bit over a year ago I officially became a member at CLC (and pray I never have to become a member any place else).

It's so crazy how time moves. Part of our call as Christians is stewardship of time and realizing that our time is God's and must be used for His glory. One of the things that I find myself in amazement with is who God is in relation to time. God is not subject to time like we are, but He is outside of the bounds of time and space. I remember being younger and wondering what the beginning of God was, but He has no beginning. He didn't just set the world in motion and plan a couple of major events throughout history and is watching the world play out. Oh no, but He has ordained all things, from the vastly impersonal nature with the sparrows to the intimate details of our every day life.

It's reassuring to remeber that when I pray God has already gone before me. There is no part of my future that He is not actively involved in and working for my good. Even though the immediate future may not work out how I plan, I can be confident that God has not fallen asleep or is unaware. The God I worship is infinitely wise and knows how to best answer my prayers even when it's not how I would imagine. At times when I desire ease and comfort, He gives me trials, knowing that trial will produce perserverance, perserverance will produce character and character will produce hope (Romans 5:3-4). He has an eternal purpose that He is constantly working towards (Ephesians 3:14). In this eternal purpose He is making me more like His Son.

What reason for praise this is! He is eternal and has made all things. Not only all things past at creation, but all things right now. He is everywhere. As close to me in Gaithersburg, and as close to the furthest person on planet. He never leaves anyone. As close as He is right now, He is that close in the future because He's gone on before us in the future and is always by our side.

No future events ever catch Him by surprise. In prayer, we can have confidence that He will be glorified because He has already determined the future. Feel His nearness, know He is mighty to save and rejoicing over you with gladness. In His might to save have confidence for the future because He has secured a pleasant lot for you.

O my reader, how thankful should we be that everything is determined by infinite wisdom and goodness! What praise and gratitude are due unto God for His Divine decrees. It is because of them that "we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose" (Rom. 8:28). Well may we exclaim, "For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to whom he glory forever. Amen" (Rom 11:36). (A.W. Pink)

Part 1 of 3. Coming tomorrow "The goodness of God's decrees" (Part 2)


Kelly said...

Lew, I am so encouraged by this truth!!! Thanks for being faithful to the Lord. It's really exciting to think that "As close as He is right now, He is that close in the future because He's gone on before us in the future and is always by our side." There is such truth and security in that! Laura, what a blessing it is to have such a godly man leading you! Love you guys!

Laura said...

yay, welcome back my love! I am so thankful for you and God's grace in your life...can't stop thankin Him for you ;)

And thanks Kel for the encouragement!! We love you too