Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Woe to Disorder

Well this is my (Laura) little mini update...

So, Nursing school has been good, but soooo busy! I moved through 7 (very fast) weeks of Psychiatric nursing. I guess I can say I learned a few things from that course, but the main thing that I learned is that I don't want to be a Psychiatric Nurse . That course went fast ...and I just began the last 7 weeks of my semester with good old medical surgical nursing ;) I am doing my clinicals at Shady Grove Hospital and am loving it so far. It's crazy to think that I am in week 2 out of seven weeks, which means I am getting married in 6 weeks... too weird!

Today I learned about Arterial blood gasses, acid base balance in the blood, fluid electrolyte balance...and IV fluids/meds for each deficiency. I seriously spent 7.5 hours on campus going from workshop to workshop and lab to lab, mandatory of course ;} having to go through one case study after another.... I left feeling like my head was spinning... but hey if anybody wants to know about metabolic acidosis, the effects on the acid base balance from repeated vomiting, and/or the importance of the sodium potassium pump...see me ;) I was so excited about all the info that I had learned that I called Lew and gave him a mini lecture over the phone, just for fun (more for me than him!) I am a nerd... I know

Anyways on another note... I could use some help! Things have seriously gotten soooo busy that I feel like I am constantly behind in things like.... cleaning my room, laundry....well I would just say organization in general!! My room is pretty much a mess. In the midst of packing my stuff, and just being super busy I feel like there is never enough time! Truly I left my house at 6:30 this morning... was home for about 1 1/2 hours and then left for my night class. Then I just got home from my night class.... and it finally hit me.... my room is a disaster zone (my poor mother would sadly agree). I just made my bed (I know it's 9:00 pm) but I can't go to bed in an unmade I made it anyways. But as I was making my bed I felt sad that things like that are being neglected. So I am determined that tomorrow, somehow, even in the midst of my business I am going to take some tome to organize and clean... starting with my laundry!

I even have included some pictures for you all to enjoy.... Yes this in an act of humility... but I figure you all could get a few laughs out of my messy room! These pictures tell a story ;)

Yes, you can see my boxes for packing, my unmade bed and books...lots of books... scattered everywhere :{

This is my "disaster" corner... I have piled all of my laundry (that I intend on doing of course) in the "perfect" spot next to my closet...? Somehow it made sense at the time.

And biggest disaster desk, or what I like to call the free for all. I have found this has become a place of piling (piling is one of my worst habits). You can see lots of piling right now, my special monkey from my little sister, my splenda from baking a few days ago, a bag of rice from a few nights ago, some random vitamins, and worst of all my chair has so many clothes piled on it that I can't sit in it. So pretty much I can't use my desk at all until I can get some organization going!
Well I guess it could be worse, but still if anyone has any good organization tips for someone in a super busy season please do share!!

I am getting married in 45 days.... wow ;)


Rachel said...

aw, you poor girl! :o) nursing school, preparing for a wedding, packing up your room and moving, the holidays... the only advice i have for you is to take it one day at a time and trust God!! (and let me know if i can help... organizing is one of my hobbies you know ;o) and i'm happy to help you now or when you move into your new place if you want!)

Mrs. Ellis said...

Mom Ellis says:Oh Laura those pictures are too painful to look at,but everything will be beautiful" In His time" I still love you !!!!!

Prellis said...

wow, Laura! I can't believe your wedding is in 6 weeks...hang in there my friend and do not fret. Let me know if Ican help!

Renee said...

Organizing?!?! I love to organize!!!! It's my specialty! Let me know if you ever need my help! It would be an honor and a privilege to help any friend of mine organize! (I know....I'm a freak like that.) I agree with Rach, God for what He has for TODAY and ask Him to keep supplying the grace that you need for today only. All the boxes don't have to be packed by today. And the important thing?---You WILL get married in December...packed boxes or no packed boxes! :)