Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Summer Happenings

These past few weeks have been fairly laid back...but I believe that won't last for long! Soon I will be going away to be a counselor for a week at Camp Rainbow, my first time going away without my sweet husband since we got married :( . And then my sister Hannah, brother-in-law Enoch, and nephew Isaiah will be vising from North Carolina where we will be able to celebrate by having a shower for her little girl due in October. My niece Gianna is turning 1. My sweet little sister is leaving for her sophomore year of college to Hungary where she will be studying for the fall. Lew and I are going to venture down to NC for almost a week at the end of August to visit my sisters family some more....and then, you gussed it, my last semester of Nursing School begins the day after we get back from NC! So, the rest of this summer is going to begin to fly by for us!

But here are a few things we've been able to enjoy over the last week or so (while the pace is still slow):

Last week my parents went to the beach so Lew and I stayed at their home (the home I was raised in) and watched their 2 dogs Tiny & Webster. We actually enjoyed it very much. The dogs were very well behaved, contrary to popular belief! It was fun to have dogs for the week ;)

Tiny is the tan on top of the chair, she likes to look out the window. Webster aka "Webby" is the one lying in the chair. He is so sweet, I actually got him when he was a puppy...so I tend to favor him a little ;)

This is Webby giving me "hugs"... so sweet!

Then last Friday was Lew's summer flex day (every other week he only works a half day on Friday). This has been such a blessing for the summer and Lew has been trying to find creative ways for us to use that time. So last Friday we went to the Spy museum in DC. It was very interesting!

Us outside of the Museum.

After that we went to G Street Fabrics in Rockville to find some sewing stuff. Lew is such a patient man ;) He stuck by my side as I took my time picking out fabric, thread, and buttons... I love you sweet pea!!

Lew capturing me "hard at work" once again.

The finished product:

This bag
I used a pattern as a guide but altered it a little. I would say my biggest problem is I want to finish a project in one sitting.....well I would say this was not a "one sitting project"! I was up until 1am trying to finish it while me sweet husband sat by my side reading and keeping me company. By the time I got to the base I was so tired that we'll just say my sewing by hand was....a little sloppy! So I will probably re-do the base when I get a chance. But all in all it was a fun project and I think I will try to make another bag soon!

More Summer pictures soon....


Hannah said...

I will be praying for your time away at camp. We are looking forward to coming up and catching up! I can't believe all the things you have been sewing, they all look great! Miss you!!

Jess said...

I think all your sewing projects have been great! I tried it years ago, but just didn't have the skill to keep at it...by the way, did you ever try the Threelac?

Lew said...

I am super excited to see what you sew next!

Mrs. Ellis said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!! Laura and Lew for caring for our lil babies while we were gone!!!!You both are such a blessing to us!!!!And Laura WOW !!!!!You are doing an awesome job in your homemaking skills(a Proverbs 31 woman in the making!!!!!) Love ya lots!!!!Mama

Anonymous said...

I love the bag!! Super cute, you could totally open a side business. I'd shop there :o)