Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Recent happenings...

I haven't been in a picture taking mood lately. I guess I go in spurts ;) But I do have a few random photos from the last few weeks.

First we had the pleasure of watching these two special folks get married!
*Note to the Bride: ha, sorry about some of these pictures. Every time I would snap a picture one of you would say something and so I would capture funny facial expressions ;) Here are the decent ones though!

First dance

This is one of those funny ones!

Then we got to have these great parents in town for the fourth of July! Tuesday night we took them to Baldwin's Station where his Mom got to enjoy their fabulous crab cakes!

Yes you don't have to look too close to see that my right eye is swollen shut. I got a nasty bug bight...grrr. As soon as his parents got here we took them out to our back yard to show them the cabin that the Hendricks built and all of the sudden I had a major allergic reaction to something (sneezing and the like..) and then poof my eye swelled up. I didn't even feel the little sucker bight me. It was quite distracting and somewhat humbling because it stayed like that for several days.

Then we go to eat LOTS of these on the fourth of July with Lew's parents, my parents, and some of my siblings.

Then we decided it would be fun to make some memories with his parents and take them to Inner Harbor to see the fireworks....and boy was it memorable! You see, last year Lew and I didn't go to see fireworks because they were calling for rain. So to err on the side of caution we watched a movie...and what do you know...NO rain! Not even a drop. So Lew and I were convinced this year that even though they were "calling" for rain we didn't want to waste another year! So off to Baltimore we went. It sprinkled as we drove down. But only off and on. We bought some ponchos and an umbrella just in case and got a perfect seat right in front of the water. We would have the best view of the fireworks when they went off at 9:30. And things went great until 9:20. We had managed to deal with some sprinkling...and even a little light rain....but then came a downpour...thats right this was a HEAVY rain! The harbor became most chaotic at this moment. Everyone started running for cover inside the mall. But my sweet sister Rissa and I stayed tucked under our ponchos. We had nestled ourselves inside 2 ponchos and were sitting on top of another poncho to try to stay dry. We were afraid to move! It was like a stampede. The police even had to lock the mall because it was getting to dangerous. So when we finally were able to find Lew's parents we all decided that we didn't like fireworks that much... and made a run for the car! We finally made it back and we were all soaked. It was a wet drive home...but the plus: NO traffic! Most people stuck around the harbor and the fireworks did eventually go off around 9:40. We saw a few on the drive home and that was enough for us ;) Yes indeed folks....certainly the most memorable fourth of July!
Sisters before the downpour!

Sisters toes! (random I know...Rissa was showing off her flip flop tan.)

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