Sunday, August 19, 2007

Playing House

Lew and I had a great time babysitting our niece Gianna this weekend! She is so much fun to be around and we had fun taking lots of pictures ;) The funniest part was at one point we were at the park playing with Gianna running around like enthusiastic "parents" pushing her on the swings, sliding down the slide, pushing the stroller and as I looked around I saw Lew holding the leash with Lizzie (who happens to love Gianna) and the thought sunk it: wow, I bet this is what it feels like to have a family! After we fed Gianna, read her some bedtime stories, sang her a little song and put her down to bed Lew and I went downstairs put our feet up and relaxed with Lizzie. Lew and I both agreed that it was fun to play house for the night....and that God's definitely continuing to grow our desire for children. We still plan to wait for a little while longer....but it's the sweet times we get with our niece and nephew (2 more on the way!) that we are reminded of how much we can't wait to be parents.

Enjoy some cute photos from last night: ( I know there's a lot...she's just too cute to resist!)

I don't know about you two...

Actually Uncle Lew, your an alright guy!

We're number 1!

Hey guys come check out my stroller...

Isn't it so nice..

Check out the treads on these tires. Now that's quality...

and see this Uncle Lew, this is a basket for my Mom to put stuff in....

See, look at all this space! It can even fit me ;)


Here, catch!

Come here puppy, there's room for both of us up here

Uncle Lew I think you can push me higher than this...

Yeah, that's a little better....higher Uncle Lew!

Woohoo! Thats what I'm talking about ;)

Dinner time!

Hello?...Aunt Laura, Uncle Lew....I'm hungry

Hello!!!!?? Guys I think it's my dinner time....

Hmm....Maybe this will give them a hint


Hannah said...

Gianna is so cute. I love the great mix of Sam & Priscila I see in her. Everytime Isaiah sees her picture he gets excited and says GiGi- I don't know where he learned that but its too cute! This is good preparation for you two. Love ya!

Prellis said...

Thanks guys for watching Gianna for us. She did have a blast, hum!She is so blessed to have loving uncles and aunts like you. Can't wait to see how your little will look like one day!