Saturday, August 04, 2007

To Camp Rainbow I Go!

It's hard to believe the day has come and Rissa and I leave for Camp Rainbow today, we come back next Friday. The children actually don't come until Monday, so most of this weekend is just orientation and team development. Please pray that God would use us in the lives of these children, most who either have HIV/AIDS, or have an immediate family member with HIV/AIDS. This is a Christian outreach, and we are very excited for it!

Also pray for sweet Lew and's our first week apart since we've been married!!

I will miss you so much love!! Thanks for making this happen and for all your encouragement and support! I LOVE YOU!

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Lisa and Christian said...

hey that must be Charissa in the picture with you! wow I can see the family resemblance! wow!...beautiful girls...I look forward to seeing your sister somewhere in Europe when she comes! I wish I could have gotten to meet her here beforehand but oh well:) have fun at the shower on Saturday! :)