Thursday, December 20, 2007

"What's going on Saturday?"

A hilarious conversation around the Ellis table last Sunday. As you will notice communication in our family specifically about family events can be a little cloudy! ;) It keeps things interesting!

Me: So Mom what time are we all supposed to come over on Saturday?
Mom: What's going on on Saturday?
Me: Ummm, we are all coming over to celebrate Christmas since Hannah's family and Lew and I won't be here for Christmas!
Mom: Ohhh, I didn't know that! When did we decide that.
Me: (I'm cracking up at this point) Mom we decided this weeks ago, that's one of the reasons why Hannah is driving up from North Carolina this weekend!
Now Sam and Priscila join in:
: Wait whats going on on Saturday?
Priscila: Honey were coming here to celebrate Christmas while Laura and Lew and Hannah and Enoch are here.
Sam: We are? Did you know about that honey? I didn't know that!
Priscila: Yes love I have known about this for a while!
Now Dad joins in the conversation...
So wait a second what's going on Saturday?
(everyone starts chuckling)
Dad everyone is coming over Saturday to celebrate Christmas because some of us won't be here on Christmas.
Dad: I didn't know that either!
Priscila: (talking to my parents) So are you still going to do something on the 25th even though everyone is coming Saturday?
Dad: Whats the 25th!!??
Everyone laughing hysterically at this point...
Multiple people:

My family is so funny! I love you guys ;) Can't wait to celebrate with you on Saturday (It is Saturday right? ;) )


Hannah said...

That's too funny! I did call Mom to make sure she knew we were coming, I guess you all had already had that conversation.

Mrs. Ellis said...

It has been a busy month....I am sorry that I have not been totally "with it"( I guess that's what happens with us old folks:-)

Beka said...

Hee hee... that's hysterical! Well, I hope you all have a wonderful and joyful time together on Saturday! A very merry Christmas to you!