Monday, November 27, 2006

Couple of quotes

I was looking through my old blog and came across these quotes

"When Abram had gone to Egypt, he had chosen for himself and had gotten into
great difficulty. Now he was content to leave the choices with God and to trust
God for his future provision. He did not need to take care of "number
one." God would do that. Therefore, since he was sure God would
provide, he held the things of this world loosely. If God gave them, that
was alright. Abram would hold them in trust from God and use them for
God's glory. But if God took them away, that was fine too. For Abram
had God and, having Him, had the only thing that mattered." James Montgomery
Boice on Abram in Genesis 13:1-13


"The love of God is limitless; it embraces all mankind. No sacrifice
was too great to bring its unmeasured intensity home to men and women: the best
that God had to give, He gave - His only Son, His well-beloved. Nor was it
for one nation or group that He was given: He was given so that all,
without distinction or exception, who repose their faith on Him, might be
rescued from destruction and blessed with the life that is life indeed.
The gospel of salvation and life has its source in the love of God. The
essence of the saving message is made unmistakeably plain, in language which
people of all races, cultures and times can grasp, and so effectively is it set
forth in these words that many more, probably, have found the way of life
through them than through any other Biblical text." F.F. Bruce on John

Reason # 19 why I am excited to marry Laura:

She has a heart for theology and God's Word.