Thursday, January 29, 2009

One More..

Sorry had to get in on this one too. This is a week of giveaways at Simple Mom and this one was too cute to pass up...

See how to win a free customized blankie HERE

Another Giveaway!

Head over to simple mom for another great giveaway! I really have loved this blog :) This week she is giving away an ebook to ten readers called A Month of Meals, which tells you about how to shop and plan meals for a month! This is something I have thought about more now that baby Miya's arrival is getting closer (we're in the 60's...crazy!)

Check out the details HERE.

Entering is as easy as leaving a comment stating your favorite family meal standby on a busy day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~First Overnight Guest~

We had a special little visitor over 2 weekends ago! Our sweet little nephew Brendon graced us with his presence Sunday into Monday evening and we had such a fun time with him.

He is such a good sleeper, and overall a happy little boy :) Here are some fun pictures of his stay:

Story time with Uncle Lew

I think the camera was distracting him from his story :)

He loved playing under our was so funny I would turn around and look for him and he would be under the chair or table entertaining himself :)

We had some extended PJ time :)
I'm not sure what he was thinking about here...

big cheese!

he stayed pretty close to uncle lew the whole time

I love his paci smiles...

We had some fun play time with cousins Naomi and Isaiah. It was so funny naomi kept poking him with her finger like she was trying to figure him out. Isaiah also kept asking me "is this your baby?" Even though he knows his cousin brendon, I think he was a little confused by him being at our house with out Jer and Rach.

Here Naomi is offering brendon a taste of her out naomi he has teeth!

His reaction to the snowfall outside was sheer delight :) He was so mesmerized he even lost interest in his food!

Watching with Naomi...

More relaxing with Uncle Lew...

We had fun with this little man!

Pregnancy Brain at it's Best...

I truly, in my arrogance, thought "preggo brain" was a joke. I heard stories about how your brain functions at "half speed" towards the end of your pregnancy, but really I just never thought it would happen to me. I really felt so coherent, and in fact many moments my brain felt like it was at "it's prime" especially since I am only working part time. I think what has really happened is I have forgotten what my old brain used to be like. Haha because pregnancy brain has hit, and folks and there is no denying it now.

Here is a little on how our Sunday morning went this week:

We're walking out to go to church and Lew starts looking around in the parking lot and then looks at me and says "Wasn't your car parked right here?" I just look around and think for a second. And he was right my car wasn't there. I just start turning around in circles looking for my car and start to panic eventually belting out "where is my car?!" We go inside and call the leasing office first just to see if my car had been towed for some strange reason, or if they knew anything about it. They didn't, and told us to call the non-emergency police. So we called them and they said "oh yes, that car was involved in an accident." I just panic, "what an accident! What do you mean an accident! I haven't driven my car since Wednesday!" The women didn't have any information for us so we had to call the towing company who towed our car. They didn't have any info either just that we needed to come pick up the car (and pay a very hefty fee) apparently my car had been towed on Saturday morning...and we also had to pay for "storage" because they held it overnight. Still we are very confused about what happened at this point. We get to my car and there is a note on the windshield basically saying "you failed to use your parking brake (I drive manual) and your car hit this parked vehicle. See their contact info below and contact your insurance company" Then I look at the back of my car and there is large dent on the back bumper. I think I had already cried about 10 times at this point....and once I saw the dent I was sure the other car must have been damaged the tears came again. Basically we figured out what happened. Thursday morning when I was leaving for work my car wouldn't start. I didn't know why so I was trying to see if it was a problem with my clutch, put my car in neutral and tried starting it that way....and yes completely forgot to put my car back into gear! Ends up my battery was dead so I had to leave my car and it sat for days because we were going to get it fixed on Sunday after church. The funny thing is it sat in neutral for 2 days....but by day 3 it decided to roll. Apparently all this happened early saturday morning while we were sleeping. The police officer whom I was eventually able to speak with told me he would have tried to track me down instead of towing it but my address was still listed in Howard County (oops!) so he had no way of knowing where I was. So long story short it looks like there was no damage to the other persons car. My sweet and handy daddy was able to bang the dent out of my car and change my battery :) It was just the weirdest thing. I'm sure all the different people we had to talk to that day thought I was crazy. I felt so silly explaining my story over and over again especially to the insurance representative. Every conversation started something like this: "I know this is going to sound really strange, but I am 7 months pregnant and my car got towed I think yesterday because I had forgotten to put my parking break on 3 days ago because my battery was dead, and I didn't notice it because I don't drive that often and usually just ride with my husband...." The insurance rep was so funny she just listened to my story and said "oh my you poor thing, it's ok we'll take good care of you. This is why you pay us every month!" I think I cried at that moment too :)

Anyways I have had some other "fun" pregnancy moments and am learning I have to really pay attention to what I'm doing. Especially where I put things. Poor Lew keeps looking for his keys only to find them in odd places. Yesterday morning he looked and looked to finally find them in my purse. Why, no reason at all, I don't even remember putting them there. There was also the day I decided to work on the nursery and bake at the same time...and forgot to use the oven timer....Let's just say if I weren't baking biscotti these would have been some dry cookies! Thankfully they were supposed to be "tough" so I got away with it :) But of all preggo moments this tow truck experience was definitely the most expensive....and most memorable! I don't think I'll ever forget to put my car in gear again....I hope!

Friday, January 16, 2009

::More etsy love::

Yes my obsession continues. I just finished putting up some decals we ordered from etsy right before the new year. I was really frightened of the whole idea, it just seemed so complicated. But much to my surprise (and delight!!) it was one of the easiest things I have done. As long as you follow the directions it is quick and easy, and kinda fun.

I ordered these decals from a shop called small time art. I would highly recommend this shop, he has a lot of fun selections and they are really well made (and a great price to top it off!) You can custom pick the colors you want, which is really nice.

Here are the pictures of the decals up in the nursery... They are sweet curly tree branches with birds perched on them:

I wanted them to be coming out of the corner right above our rocker...

I like to think of the big one as me and the little one as Miya...haha total pregnancy cheesiness right there :) And Lew isn't perched with us because he is off getting food...that's my bird story!

Here are some of my favorite decal shops on etsy right now that I wanted to pass along:
I bought these cute little playful bird decals from her shop and can't wait to put them up!
Circle line studio
I have never bought from this shop, but have seen some nice stuff and they have good prices.
Say it with style
She has fun decals, but also really nice metal plaques you can get custom made. We got one to hang in the kitchen that says: "Lewis Family...Since 2006" Lot's of fun, and good prices.

If you are wanting to buy decals I would totally recommend looking on etsy. I compared the prices on etsy verses other stores and there is such a huge price difference! And I just love the creativity you can find on etsy. (as you can tell)

I guess that's all for now... Oh here is a friend Lew would like me to introduce to you:
Meet Cassidy...our beloved owl pillow. Yes, everything in our nursery has been charmed with a name, by none other than my sweet husband.
I'm a little embarrassed posting her because, well I sewed her, and she is...much more than slightly less than perfect! Yeah, I tend to get impatient with these types of projects and by the end I am just trying to get it done! I didn't use a pattern, just had a picture in my mind and, tried to create with just that mental picture. Lew thinks Miya will appreciate her imperfection...I hope so :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Self Control::Divine Grace

Self Control has been an area that I have been working on lately, especially when it comes to my speech. This will come as no surprise (especially to those who are closest to me) that I can tend to speak before I think. Well let's just be honest here, I can even struggle with choosing to speak after I have thought about it and know I shouldn't say it. That is where the self-control issue comes in. Dear Lew, who tends to do very well in the area of self-control, has been kindly and patiently helping me to see where I am being impulsive with my words, which has been very helpful. Not only that, but it has been serving our marriage greatly! I have been studying proverbs which has been so convicting and encouraging at the same time. After a few incidents yesterday where I lacked self-control in my speech towards Lew I woke up today discouraged. I felt like there had been little progress in this area, 4 steps forward, 5 steps back. The main problem: I am looking to myself for change. When I think of self-control I tend to think of "self". It makes sense doesn't it? As I was reading in Charles Bridges Commentary on Proverbs this morning I saw self-control in a new light. Though I play a role in practicing self-control, ultimately just like any discipline, it comes down to divine grace. Here is the passage:

Proverbs 25:28 Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.
"...Every sign of irritation, every spark of pride burning in the heart, long before it shows itself in the countenance or on the tongue, must be resisted! A man may talk about self-control as if the reigns are in his own hands, But he who has been born of the Spirit and who has been taught of the plague that is in his own heart knows that effective self-control is a divine grace, and not a natural power. So what should we do? Upon the first assault fortify the walls by prayer. Do not place your trust in the strength of the citadel. have not repeated defeats taught us the need to call on better strength than our own? How could we enter into the conflict, much less win the fight, but for the promise that sin will not rule us (Romans 6:14). Oh, for the simple faith to draw out from this mighty source of energy, perseverance, and triumphant victory!" (Charles Bridges on Proverbs)

What a sweet reminder! Sin will not rule us. Self-control isn't really about self reign is it? It's divine grace which motivates obedience....and in the end triumphant victory is ours because of Calvary~

Romans 6:14
For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.

Baby countdown...12 weeks left

Hard to believe I am 28 weeks....and in the 3rd trimester! I really think the holidays made the last 2 months fly, but now things seems to be slowing down a bit. That includes me. I seem to be hitting that glorious "I'm bloated, fatigued, and starting to waddle" phase of pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I still feel really good, and other than a really weak immune system leading to lots of upper respiratory/sinus infections, this has been a really uncomplicated pregnancy (praise the Lord), but I can already see a difference these past few weeks. My spring chicken, surges of energy, energizer bunny days of the second trimester already seem like a thing of the past. I feel like I could nap at any given moment, LOVE sitting, um make that laying down, whenever I can, and making dinner has looked like scrambled eggs and cereal. Thankfully I can still muster up the strength to work 2 days a week, exercise, and clean the apartment. I am just so glad we did most of our unpacking and organizing during my peak energy point! It looks like the timing of our move was absolutely perfect! Any later and my poor hubby would have been doing most of the work :)

Here is the most up to date belly:
For a fun comparison here is me at 12 weeks in the same clothing...

Lew and I decided this shirt has most likely seen it's last stretch :) It's funny but I don't ever remember being this small....but I do remember I felt so "huge" at this point!

On another note the nursery planning has been fun. We chose a birdie "aviary" theme. So we have lots of birds/owls which is totally random b/c I never was interested in either before pregnancy but now I would say I am borderline obsessed. I am going to some how find a way to incorporate this verse...
Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? ~Matt 6:26
Here is a little sneak peak, I will post the "final" product when it's finished, I am still waiting on some prints to hang and our special birdie mobile...

That is sweet camille the owl in the corner , yeah I'm pretty much obsessed with her. I bought her on etsy from a shop called skunkboy creatures they are very special little animals :)

This blanket (also from etsy) was the inspiration for room. I loved the little birds and the colors so we pretty much picked everything based off of this blanket. Our bedding is quite a "hodgepodge" of colors and patterns. I bought everything seperate because I just couldn't find anything that wasn't too matchy matchy. So our primary colors are: red, pink, black and yellow, with some green and light blue...that definitely covers the whole spectrum huh!?

Lew has laughed so hard because I pretty much wanted to get everything from So far most things are from there. I just love all the cute creative stuff on there, and usually the prices are good for getting something totally homemade, and I love the idea of supporting a starving artist :) One day Lew sent me a gchat saying: "having fun shoppingon etsy?" and I thought, "huh how does he know" totally forgetting our paypal account is linked to his work email so he was getting a ton of emails saying "your paypal payment has been accepted" :) I just laughed...I was defintely caught in the act!

Well thats pretty much the update for now. I have my glucose screening test tomorrow am, which Im really looking forward to getting that over with. I have to fast which pretty much stinks, but hopefully I will pass and not have to encounter the 3 hour glucose tolerance test!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas day

We spent Christmas day at my parents. Lew and I woke up early (not on purpose it's just some days my body will refuse to sleep past 6am :/) The day started with a yummy breakfast at my parents followed by exchanging some gifts between my parents, Charissa, and us. Then the a yummy lunch with the whole family. Then came the exchange with all the kiddos, boy was it a sight to see! It was so funny to watch the older kids tear open their gifts while the younger ones looked on with awe not so sure about the whole thing. Once Isaiah was done with his gifts he was happy to go around and open everyone else's with them :) It was a ball to watch them having so much fun, as well as watching all the parents trying to keep order! Hard to believe in just a few months my parents will have 6 grandkids under the age of 3!!

Some pictures...

Sam and Pri

Rissa and Tommy
Rachel and Jer trying to get a smile from Naomi, but only getting a pout...

Gianna was enjoying a special treat in this picture, I don't know what it was but something chocolate :)

Cutie pie...with her mouth full!
Gianna opening presents

Naomi in her princess outfit. Isaiah kept saying "look Naomi is a princess!"

A very happy boy opening presents

she had the whole opening presents thing down along with the older kiddos
a happy girly

Gianna looking at her toys...
amongst the packages...

I wish I would have gotten more pictures! There was so much going on I kept setting down my camera and forgetting to take picture...

Hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas as well!!

Not a teenager anymore.

Hard to believe my baby sister Rissa has entered her twenties. I look at her all grown up and can't believe how the time has flown! She got very exciting news this fall when she found out that she got accepted into the very same nursing program I graduated from. She will be starting in January! I am so excited for her, she will make an excellent nurse :)

Rissa I love you and respect you so much! You have grown into such a beautiful woman, I can't wait to see all God has in store for you this year!

Pictures from her b-day celebration with the family:

Rissa and Tommy. (I just noticed her hair is blowing around in this picture..I think she was sitting in front of the heater :))

The birthday girl with her large cookie cake

Haha Isaiah is attempting to help her blow her candles out all the way from his seat :P

Sweet Naomi under the tree

Little Gianna, she is getting so big!

Playing with Uncle Lew

Little B wasn't feeling so well this day :( but was still as cute as ever

Isaiah making me say "cheese"

the "littlest" for now :) Julia I love her sweet little face!

My little "mini-me" I look at her and see myself at her age, she is so full of spunk :) So much fun...
More of sweet Julia
Trying to get a picture with the two oldest....Isaiah had his eyes fixed on something else...
Naomi's "partial scowl" She gets this super serious look on her face when she isn't so sure...

I broke her and got a smile :)

Uncle Lew and Gi-Gi

Ah,fun times with family...Hard to believe how the kids are all getting so big!