Friday, December 15, 2006

Just Married?

Just wanted to say a few last words...before the big day! For those of you who are wondering I am not married yet, but Lord willing I will be in less than 14 hours!

I wanted to do one more post before I am "Mrs. Lewis" and the funny thing is when I signed onto our page I looked at the lady bugs (our official countdown) and it said just married! I was laughing because I guess it updates it in the evening for the next day. Anyways it just made me laugh because I am still in shock that very soon I will be married, and my life will never be the same!

A few reflections before I sign off and "try" to get some rest:

God has been so good to us! I have seen so much of God's faithfulness in the last few weeks, it amazes me how much he desires to bless his children. A few examples:

1) I have been exposed to many many sick & contagious people in the last week and most people around me have been very sick with viruses (Including people under my own roof)... yet God has protected me from all illness!

2) God has given me grace to finish 6 exams in the last 7 days (2 cumulative) and pass them all with very good scores....truly a miraculous work of God because I really didn't have too much time (or motivation) to study!

3) God provided a large sum of money from many anonymous givers which will cover the rest of my debt from my recent surgery! It amazes me that I could ever doubt provision from my loving Fathers hand. Thank you to all of you out there who may be reading this who had faith to give for the glory of the Lord! How pleased the Lord must be with your faith and generosity.

...and the big one... God has provided for me a loving husband, the perfect compliment to me....a man who I respect, treasure, and love so deeply; truly a gift from God that I am undeserving of. Apart from the gift of salvation he truly couldn't have given me a better gift.

Lew: I love you and can't wait to say I do and commit to as many days as the Lord gives us on this earth together! You are a gift from God to me.

Thank you all for all your prayers and support!

Signing off.....
-"Mrs. Lewis"

Almost There

We have 21 hours to go, so unbelievable!

Here is some interesting trivia about the show "24" courtesy of the Wikipedia. The original premise for the show was to be a romantic comedy about 24 hours before a wedding.

Reason #1 why I am excited to marry Laura
I love her with my all and know that I am called to spend the rest of my life with her!

Here is some John Stott that is really encouraging as I round the homestretch (it's based on Ephesians 5)...

"The church's head is the churches bridegroom. He does not crush the
church. Rather he sacrificed himself to serve her, in order that she might
become everything he longs for her to be, namely herself in the fullness of
her glory. Just so a husband should never use his headship to crush
or stifle his wife, or frustrate her from being herself. His love for her
will lead him to an exactly opposite path. he will give himeself for her,
in order that she may develop her full potential under God and so become more
complete herself."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wedding Week

We are currently full throttle into wedding week and everything seems to be coming together well. This morning it definitely hit me that on Saturday that we will be married. The fact that it's busy from here on out is what made it more real.

Tonight: Hair cut
Thursday (Last day of work): Pick up family from airport
Friday: Breakfast with family and count down hours until rehearsal

The schedule isn't busy at all, but the fact that there are things on it just makes Saturday not seem like such a far out day.

Reason #3 Why I am excited to marry Laura
She is sensitive to God's Spirit so that she can be molded into His image

Thursday, December 07, 2006


In single digits. This is craziness. I remember when we were trying to count down from some 160 or some insanely high number. I didn’t really get discouraging by counting from the high number because I knew each day was one day closer and the numbers would not go in reverse. It’s been fun watching those ladybugs creep closer and closer together. They have their antennas locked and it looks like the two of them may soon become one!

It’s amazing how fast time goes. It only goes faster as we grow older too. As I have the privilege of growing older with Laura and savor every day that God gives us together.

Everyday is a blessing and gift from God. One of the hardest things about this season is enjoying the day that God has given me and not looking ahead to the future. I know that even once we get to marriage there will be times when I will look ahead to something else. For now, I want to cultivate a heart that is filled with joy because of all the grace that God has poured out for today.

Reason #9 for why I am excited to marry Laura:
She is living for more then just marriage or anything this world offers.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Tomorrow night is the staff Christmas party and I am definitely super excited for that. I remember last year we had a private viewing of Narnia right before it came out. This year they are taking us to a private viewing of the Nativity Story. It's neat because it isn't just a gathering people to celebrate Christmas and watch a movie, but a time of fellowship and encouragement.

This is the first job that I've had that Christmas party. None of my jobs in college had Christmas party for the students. The coffeeshop was an interesting place to work. We never had Christmas parties and the boss was Jewish, so I guess it made sense to not have a holidy. The logical disconnect does come with the fact that he did host easter lunches at his house. His wife was a Christian, so that probably had something to do with the easter lunch. In my job at the Youth Opportunity Center the cottage I worked in did not have a Christmas party because morale was so low and no one liked each other.

Even though I loved last year's Christmas party, it was kind of sad because Laura couldn't come with me. Because she is my beautiful bride-to-be (doesn't that sound a lot better then fiance) she gets to join me this year!

Reason #10 why I am excited to marry Laura:
she is who i want to spend the rest of my life with and all of my free time with

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I had a good talk with my friend Clay on Saturday night. He was encouraging me about how great marriage is and how much I would love it. At one point he said, "When people tell you that you are only in the honeymoon phase you just tell them, 'And you know what, I'm never going to leave this honeymoon phase either!'"

Reason #11 why I am excited to marry Laura:
She gets excited about the little things in life, but is also able to keep her eye on the big picture!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

As the Ladybugs move on...

So unfortunately I don't have time to really give much of an update....but I just wanted to make a note......1 week and 5 days!!! Unbelievable ;) Did you check out the ladybugs above? They are so close!

Lew has moved into our new place, it's kinda weird whenever we go there I look around and think...this is where we are gonna live, and it will be here before we know it!

Pictures of our new place are coming up soon.... as soon as we can get it a little more organized ;)