Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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Second Time Around

Friday, January 08, 2010


The Holidays are over and things are finally settling down. We had a great visit in Indiana with the Lewis family for Christmas! We drove there, and the drive was so much better than I anticipated. Miya slept most of the way both ways and we really didn't have to stop too often. That was a HUGE answer to prayer. You can see pictures from our trip Here.

Miya is growing in leaps and bounds. On the 29th she turned 9 months, and I still can't get over how close we are getting to one year. When we got back from Indiana we had about 3 days to pack up our apartment and move out. It was a very challenging couple days because Miya was a little out of sorts from teething and all the changes. But thanks to my parents and family we were able to get everything together and finally are getting settled at our parents. Right now we don't know how long we are going to be here. We are praying about what the next year might look like, but for right now the goal is to save and get out of as much debt as we can. Lew is looking for another job currently and we are praying for clarity on that as well. I also may be returning to work in the hospital part time, but I will find out more about that next week.

New things in Miya world:
Food: I can't believe how this girl eats. I seriously have never seen such a thing in my life. She sits down to eat and it's like she is eating a rare delicacy. It could be anything from banana to plain cheese, or fish, or just plain old wheat bread (which she happens to adore) this girl eats and eats and eats. And not only does she eat, but she makes the most hilarious noises I have ever heard. This video is about a month old, she has gotten louder, but this is just a glimpse into how she eats these days.

Other fun stuff: She is still doing her army crawl. She scoots all around to get what she wants. She seems to show no interest in crawling on all 4's, although she does get up and rock on all fours. She is very interested in pulling up and standing. She likes to hold onto things and tries to take steps. Mommy isn't quite as fearless as she is, a few times she has decided just to let her self go just to see how quick I am. Thankfully I have caught her, but talk about giving Mommy a heart attack! It's so fun watching her grow. She also loves my parents dogs. Every time she sees them she starts yelling "doodie" that happens to be her word for dog. Right now she says Momma, Dada, and Doodie. And a few other words that I can't quite comprehend. Physical therapy is going well. We are down to every other week and Miya's neck is straight and the weaker side has strengthened dramatically. Right now our main area of focus is core strength. She gets to do all kinds of baby pilates such as the wheelbarrow walk and the plank. Mommy does them with her :)

Life is sweet. We are very much enjoying watching her grow, and spending time with my family. That's it for now!