Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tooth Fairy

What a day yesterday was! I worked in the morning the pain was truly at its worst. It was getting to the point where the 4 ibuprofen weren't working as well so I was having to take Tylenol 2 hours after the ibuprofen and alternate it like that. All day I found myself praying that the Lord would reveal to the dentist what this was and the there would be a quick cost effective solution! And I am happy to report he answered my prayers.

When I got to the dentist they took some xrays. This dentist is so wonderful, if anyone is looking for a good dentist in this area I would sooo highly recommend him. When I came in he was at the counter and warmly greeted me and told me that Marie, my friend from Church who is also a dentist there, had filled him in on my situation. They took me back and started to do xrays. Even the dental hygienists were so nice! After the xrays they offered for me to watch TV (they have one in every room). Then when Dr. Lev came in he looked at the tooth that I thought the pain was shooting from and he gave me a few options, but then told me to think about it while he goes to look at the xrays. Well when he brought the xrays in he just looked at me and said: " You are one of these unfortunate people to have really short roots." (whatever that means) and then he went on "So all of the things I said earlier they wouldn't really work because I believe that with roots this short and the amount of gum recession that you have your nerve is probably completely exposed, which explains all the horrible pain your having." So then he said "We could extract it...." I sat straight up and smiled and said that would be great! That is what I want, just pull it ;) He looked at me like I was kinda crazy, but I just laughed and explained that this tooth has bothered me for so long and my last dentist refused to pull it! And it made sense to pull it b/c I don't chew on that side and its only a second molar. So I expected him to say ok well we'll make an appointment for next week, or something. Nope! He started to gather his supplies....he was gonna do it right away! So, he pulled it in less than 3 minutes. And afterward he said I hate to have to pull a tooth from such a young girl....and I just smiled and said Oh, no! Don't you worry this is the happiest young girl right now! If he knew the pain that this tooth was causing me he would understand ;)

So all in all the pain is gone. Although I am really sore and swollen from the tooth being pulled that horrible radiating pain is gone! Praise the Lord. And the funny part was at the end he tried to make me take the tooth home, he insisted that I should put it under my pillow and maybe the tooth fairy would give me something really nice for all the suffering this tooth put me through. I refused, in all honesty I never want to see that tooth again!

Thanks so much for your prayers! He said I will probably only be this sore until tomorrow so we will be able to enjoy our little vacation after all. God is so good ;)


Jess said...

Yay!! I have gone through a lot of tooth issues, too, due to a small mouth, so I completely understand how you feel! I am so glad that it was such a quick and easy solution! Have a wonderful weekend at the beach!!

Maureen Zamora said...

Praise the Lord..I am so happy for you, Laura! I prayed for you and I am grateful that you are OUT OF PAIN!!!
Love, Maureen

Rachel said...

Glad you were able to figure it out! Did you get a milkshake after your tooth was pulled? My mom used to always get me a milkshake after I had teeth pulled and it seemed to help. ;o)

Laura said...

Yeah, lots of cold things ;) In fact at the beach we got Rita's (sooo good!!)every night which seemed to do the trick :-)