Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A few thoughts....

Just wanted to post once before I head out to NC to visit my sisters family (can't wait to see my new little niece Naomi!!)

Lew already posted this, but I wanted to thank everyone for your prayers about school! I completed OB and did better than I expected. This class was one of the most challenging yet and I am in some ways happy to be done ;) On another note I am now working my way through leadership/management and pediatrics. This class already seems like its going to be a little bit simpler than the last so I am glad that I chose to take this one second. It's really hard to believe that after December 17th I will be done! We have a pinning ceremony following that and then it's on the the boards! If you guys can continue to pray for the job search. So far I have been contacted by John Hopkins and University of Maryland Medical Center, both of which would be "first" choices for me. I am hoping to get a position in the Pediatric intensive care unit, so please pray God would continue to open doors for me.

On another note please pray for the people in San Diego, specifically our sister church in San Diego. My sister-in-law's family have been evacuated along with most of the members of their church. Please pray for them as they seek to encourage and care for each other as well as care for those around them. You can get updates on Rachel's father's blog.

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