Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 years...time flies

Amazing how 2 years can fly right by you! I was just thinking as we were celebrating 2 years of marriage: "would we have seen ourselves where we are now at this point 2 years ago?" It's amazing to reflect on all the fun surprises God had in store for our first 2 years of marriage! We have thought about all the time we spent praying and wondering if God had called us to this area, or if we should move out of state (which ultimately led us to the decision that we are called here) I finished nursing school and started working my first job as a nurse in the PICU at UMMC...only to find myself unexpectedly getting pregnant and having a miscarriage my second month there. Then (much to our surprise again!) finding out we are expecting only 4 months later! God has had so many fun things in store for us when we were least expecting it. Then the most recent changes, leaving my job for something closer and part time, and moving out of our home sweet home with the Hendricks to move into our 2 bedroom apartment just a week ago. God has so kindly provided along the way, and more than anything we are aware that His plans are much better than any that we could conjure up on our own. We never would have known at this point last year that my sister and her family would be moving back from Charlotte and that God would kindly place us in the same apartment complex (right next to each other!!) and what a joy that has been. She has been such a help to me as we have been getting settled in and I have loved having the kiddos over to play and keep me company while I get used to apartment living :) I also had the kind help of my sister-in-law Rachel who graciously (and if you know my hatred for hanging up and putting away clothes you know how much this means to me) organized our walk in closet! We are finally feeling like we are getting somewhat settled in and I will post pictures for the family of our new little home very soon!

In other events my sweet husband has taken me away for 2 days to celebrate our anniversary to our MOST favorite place the Carriage Inn. This bed and breakfast (in Charlestown WV) is by FAR the absolute best we have every encountered. We have daringly tried a few others in the surrounding area, and they don't even come close to this one. The hosts are so warm and welcoming, the home is so beautiful and peaceful and full of history, the breakfasts are truly the best we have ever had in our lives, I could go on and on and on... but then I will sound like a commercial. Seriously if your looking for a peaceful getaway you should check them out!

We had such a relaxing time together, even though it sleeted and rained all day yesterday it gave us an excuse to sit in our cozy room by the fire with nowhere to go and nowhere to be (oh and not to mention nothing to unpack or organize!). It has been such a welcomed 2 days of rest. And yes we got in lots of boggle, we sure know how to celebrate :)

Here are a few pictures of our time:

Our cozy room the Copper Beech Suite

In front of their beautiful tree

Our anniversary dinner at "the dish"

Happy 2 years my love. Life is truly better with you by my side. I am so so thankful for the gift you are to me!

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Seth and Janet said...

yay! congratulations on two years you two! :)