Monday, July 20, 2009

living life

So, obviously there hasn't been much blogging going on! I think (especially with a baby) we have just been living life and haven't had so much time to blog about it. Life is good, we have so much to be thankful for. Our little girl is growing up (she is 16 weeks!) and time is just flying by. Lew and I keep finding ourselves sighing before bed saying things like: "before we know she will be potty training!" It just blows me away how she is literally changing before our eyes. Growing in leaps and bounds and learning so much. I am enjoying every moment, watching her discover the world fills me with awe and makes me want to discover things all over again. It's amazing how babies and children are captivated by the little things, like a red speck on the carpet, or a mirror showing their own reflection. It makes you think about how we are called to be like children, life comes down to the little things sometimes.

Either way I have many things I have been wanting to post. We just got back from the beach and had a great time. It's good to be home again, but we are missing all the company of my family too! We also had a great visit from the Lewis Grandparents and Aunt Cherai. It's hard to believe the summer is halfway over. More to come...

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