Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm not going to do what I always do...what is that you may ask? I am not going to start this blog post apologizing along with saying "what a bad blogger I have become!" and I am not going to make any vain promises to be faithful to blog more often. As I have proven time and time again....that may not happen :) Life is full, full to the brim.

I actually have missed blogging, it's just that usually when I sit down to start typing, my brain conks out, and there are just no words left to describe this life of ours...at least no interesting ones! In all honesty I am sorry I don't blog more often, I enjoy looking back on what life has looked like in the past, but for now my memories will have to do!

Either way, as you can tell from the title, our baby is ONE! Yesterday was the big day and I can't believe it's true. I remember a friend (actually several) saying "don't blink, one year will be here before you know it!" and that has become a reality. In a blink my baby went from newborn to little girl. The transformation is astounding. I look at her today and no longer see the wrinkly, tiny, squeaky baby girl we brought home a year ago. Today I see a little girl gaining independence. I see her long curls around her ears where there used to be soft wisps of hair. I see chubby little thighs (that started off as little twigs!) that carry her little body as she attempts to take steps. And I see a little girl who has become determined on mastering the skill of getting her own way (nothing new there).

What a delight it is to see her grow and discover the world. Truly, I believe, one of God's greatest gifts. With her life is very full, but full in the best possible way. I have had to remind myself (often) as I am chasing her while she is getting into things she shouldn't be, or when she is crying for "momma momma" because she doesn't want to take a nap that these are GIFTS; and I am keenly aware of how blessed I am to have the pleasure of chasing my curious girl around, and hearing her utter the sweetest words "momma". I have seen others Mom's walk through unimaginable grief and sorrow ... and have learned to never take for granted the everyday gift of holding your little one close and watching them grow.

So Miya is one! It's been an amazing journey. She keeps us busy these days, now getting into everything. She also is all about copying us these days, whether it's facial expressions, or phrases, she likes to try to repeat. It's so cute to see her mimic us, but it also makes us very aware of what we say and how we say it!

We are having a party on Saturday to celebrate her first year! I can't wait. And to make it even better Nana, Grandpop Lewis, and Auntie Cherai are coming! I will post pictures after the party.

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amy said...

wow! happy b-day, miya! may the Lord bless you with a greater understanding of His love for you this coming year!