Friday, July 28, 2006

A new addition to the Ellis family??

No this is not a baby we are talking about... and for those of you who know our family really well (including the Ellis family who no longer live at home) will probably find this very humorous and very shocking.

You know we have one of these:

Yes this is the hungry one. Ever since he was diagnosed with Cushings disease 2 years ago he has an insatiable appetite...He's also going blind and deaf. The only senses that still work are taste and smell...we think ;)

And we also have one of these...

Webster AKA Webby:
Those of you who know webster know that he is the little dog who thinks he's big. Some of you have even been attacked by our little friend (ehem...all the in-laws in the Ellis family). He is very territorial and aggressive towards outsiders, but very sweet to those in our family

So could we really be getting another one of these (!)...

Meet Tiny!
Yes, friends this is Tiny. She is one year old and the soon to be member of the Ellis household Surprise! She is a min pin like Webby, and she is not afraid of him at all! In fact she beats him up. For the time being Webby just sits in the corner and pouts because he is not the center of attention anymore. Tiny belongs to a family friend who unfortunately is moving and cannot take her with them. We are watching her for the weekend just to make sure she adjusts well to the other dogs, and if all goes well she will be ours this Sunday. She is a lot of fun and has already made herself very comfortable in her new surroundings ;)

She came fully loaded with her "lil' cupid T-shirt, Barbie rain coat, and fur winter coat. She is such a girly girl


Webby and Tiny trying to escape...

All 3 dogs together...Webby still thinks he's king of the hill


Mrs. Ellis said...

Love those pictures!!!My family is growing:)

Liser said...

awww!!! cute puppies!!! =) =)

message for Lew: check out my latest protected post. =)