Monday, July 24, 2006

Sleepy heads and Sand sculptures

To begin our trip we all arrived...well exhausted! In order to beat the traffic we left our house at 5:30 am and voyaged out on our 3 hour drive which ended up being a little longer because of an accident. Then when we arrived we had about 2 hours to kill before we could get into the condo. Either way when we finally arrived inside we were all ready to relax a little....some more than others! It was quite a long drive for our little buddy and he fell fast asleep in great grandmas arms.. too cute.

We had a pretty good first day in the sun, but Lew and I both got some pretty bad sun burn, this was a bummer for the first few days but it made us use creativity in keeping busy. Which basically meant a lot of walking and A LOT of eating! We generally had no guilt about what we ate because we walked so far to get it we felt like we'd already worked it off.

One of the really neat things was when we got to the end of the boardwalk we got to see the sand art which is there every year. The art is done by a Christian man who actually went to high school with my mom, small world. Either way I always enjoy it so much because he does new scenes from scripture every year and always has tracts and bibles right by the sculptures for people to take. I posted my favorite picture above of Christ on the cross with the words "Thank You Jesus". Even though the sculpture was slightly damaged from the rain it still looked outstanding!

I have many more pictures to come and will post them throughout the week... The next will include some pretty sunrises on the beach. For some strange reason neither Lew nor I could sleep in so we were able to see the sunrise almost every day! We only paid for it by finding ourselves feeling really sleepy towards the afternoon, but it was definitely worth it ;)
More to come...


Jeremy said...

Thanks for sharing the photos!
I love those sand always strikes me how much of a light they are in a dark place (especially around spring break and senior week timeframes). There is a man who knows the joy of using his talents for God's glory...

gelok said...

lew? sunburn?

uh... really?