Friday, July 14, 2006


We won't be any posting on here for the next few days. We'll both be gone on vacation in Ocean City, MD with Laura's fam.

Before we say goodbye for the week we wanted to invite everyone to feel free to comment.

Specifically we are kind of curious about who reads this blog. If you are a regular reader or just happened to stumble across, feel free to say hi and let us know how you discovered our blog.

We love feedback so any criticism you may have or things that you would love to see inthe future would be much appreciated as well!

Have a grace filled week and we will see y'all when we get back!

Lew and Laura


Jeremy said...

Hi, um (feeling a bit awkward)...I like this blog's cool. And because it's authored by my sister and future brother-in-law? Do I win a prize?

Mrs. Ellis said...

I love to read your blog because you write very creatively, and from the heart!!Laura and Lew, you are "gems"