Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas day

We spent Christmas day at my parents. Lew and I woke up early (not on purpose it's just some days my body will refuse to sleep past 6am :/) The day started with a yummy breakfast at my parents followed by exchanging some gifts between my parents, Charissa, and us. Then the a yummy lunch with the whole family. Then came the exchange with all the kiddos, boy was it a sight to see! It was so funny to watch the older kids tear open their gifts while the younger ones looked on with awe not so sure about the whole thing. Once Isaiah was done with his gifts he was happy to go around and open everyone else's with them :) It was a ball to watch them having so much fun, as well as watching all the parents trying to keep order! Hard to believe in just a few months my parents will have 6 grandkids under the age of 3!!

Some pictures...

Sam and Pri

Rissa and Tommy
Rachel and Jer trying to get a smile from Naomi, but only getting a pout...

Gianna was enjoying a special treat in this picture, I don't know what it was but something chocolate :)

Cutie pie...with her mouth full!
Gianna opening presents

Naomi in her princess outfit. Isaiah kept saying "look Naomi is a princess!"

A very happy boy opening presents

she had the whole opening presents thing down along with the older kiddos
a happy girly

Gianna looking at her toys...
amongst the packages...

I wish I would have gotten more pictures! There was so much going on I kept setting down my camera and forgetting to take picture...

Hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas as well!!


Bob Lewis said...

Thanks for sharing!


Mrs. Ellis said...

Thanks for the pics, Sweetie!!! It was def the best Christmas yet, with better to come!!!!