Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pregnancy Brain at it's Best...

I truly, in my arrogance, thought "preggo brain" was a joke. I heard stories about how your brain functions at "half speed" towards the end of your pregnancy, but really I just never thought it would happen to me. I really felt so coherent, and in fact many moments my brain felt like it was at "it's prime" especially since I am only working part time. I think what has really happened is I have forgotten what my old brain used to be like. Haha because pregnancy brain has hit, and folks and there is no denying it now.

Here is a little on how our Sunday morning went this week:

We're walking out to go to church and Lew starts looking around in the parking lot and then looks at me and says "Wasn't your car parked right here?" I just look around and think for a second. And he was right my car wasn't there. I just start turning around in circles looking for my car and start to panic eventually belting out "where is my car?!" We go inside and call the leasing office first just to see if my car had been towed for some strange reason, or if they knew anything about it. They didn't, and told us to call the non-emergency police. So we called them and they said "oh yes, that car was involved in an accident." I just panic, "what an accident! What do you mean an accident! I haven't driven my car since Wednesday!" The women didn't have any information for us so we had to call the towing company who towed our car. They didn't have any info either just that we needed to come pick up the car (and pay a very hefty fee) apparently my car had been towed on Saturday morning...and we also had to pay for "storage" because they held it overnight. Still we are very confused about what happened at this point. We get to my car and there is a note on the windshield basically saying "you failed to use your parking brake (I drive manual) and your car hit this parked vehicle. See their contact info below and contact your insurance company" Then I look at the back of my car and there is large dent on the back bumper. I think I had already cried about 10 times at this point....and once I saw the dent I was sure the other car must have been damaged too...so the tears came again. Basically we figured out what happened. Thursday morning when I was leaving for work my car wouldn't start. I didn't know why so I was trying to see if it was a problem with my clutch, put my car in neutral and tried starting it that way....and yes completely forgot to put my car back into gear! Ends up my battery was dead so I had to leave my car and it sat for days because we were going to get it fixed on Sunday after church. The funny thing is it sat in neutral for 2 days....but by day 3 it decided to roll. Apparently all this happened early saturday morning while we were sleeping. The police officer whom I was eventually able to speak with told me he would have tried to track me down instead of towing it but my address was still listed in Howard County (oops!) so he had no way of knowing where I was. So long story short it looks like there was no damage to the other persons car. My sweet and handy daddy was able to bang the dent out of my car and change my battery :) It was just the weirdest thing. I'm sure all the different people we had to talk to that day thought I was crazy. I felt so silly explaining my story over and over again especially to the insurance representative. Every conversation started something like this: "I know this is going to sound really strange, but I am 7 months pregnant and my car got towed I think yesterday because I had forgotten to put my parking break on 3 days ago because my battery was dead, and I didn't notice it because I don't drive that often and usually just ride with my husband...." The insurance rep was so funny she just listened to my story and said "oh my you poor thing, it's ok we'll take good care of you. This is why you pay us every month!" I think I cried at that moment too :)

Anyways I have had some other "fun" pregnancy moments and am learning I have to really pay attention to what I'm doing. Especially where I put things. Poor Lew keeps looking for his keys only to find them in odd places. Yesterday morning he looked and looked to finally find them in my purse. Why, no reason at all, I don't even remember putting them there. There was also the day I decided to work on the nursery and bake at the same time...and forgot to use the oven timer....Let's just say if I weren't baking biscotti these would have been some dry cookies! Thankfully they were supposed to be "tough" so I got away with it :) But of all preggo moments this tow truck experience was definitely the most expensive....and most memorable! I don't think I'll ever forget to put my car in gear again....I hope!

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