Friday, January 16, 2009

::More etsy love::

Yes my obsession continues. I just finished putting up some decals we ordered from etsy right before the new year. I was really frightened of the whole idea, it just seemed so complicated. But much to my surprise (and delight!!) it was one of the easiest things I have done. As long as you follow the directions it is quick and easy, and kinda fun.

I ordered these decals from a shop called small time art. I would highly recommend this shop, he has a lot of fun selections and they are really well made (and a great price to top it off!) You can custom pick the colors you want, which is really nice.

Here are the pictures of the decals up in the nursery... They are sweet curly tree branches with birds perched on them:

I wanted them to be coming out of the corner right above our rocker...

I like to think of the big one as me and the little one as Miya...haha total pregnancy cheesiness right there :) And Lew isn't perched with us because he is off getting food...that's my bird story!

Here are some of my favorite decal shops on etsy right now that I wanted to pass along:
I bought these cute little playful bird decals from her shop and can't wait to put them up!
Circle line studio
I have never bought from this shop, but have seen some nice stuff and they have good prices.
Say it with style
She has fun decals, but also really nice metal plaques you can get custom made. We got one to hang in the kitchen that says: "Lewis Family...Since 2006" Lot's of fun, and good prices.

If you are wanting to buy decals I would totally recommend looking on etsy. I compared the prices on etsy verses other stores and there is such a huge price difference! And I just love the creativity you can find on etsy. (as you can tell)

I guess that's all for now... Oh here is a friend Lew would like me to introduce to you:
Meet Cassidy...our beloved owl pillow. Yes, everything in our nursery has been charmed with a name, by none other than my sweet husband.
I'm a little embarrassed posting her because, well I sewed her, and she is...much more than slightly less than perfect! Yeah, I tend to get impatient with these types of projects and by the end I am just trying to get it done! I didn't use a pattern, just had a picture in my mind and, tried to create with just that mental picture. Lew thinks Miya will appreciate her imperfection...I hope so :)


Rachel said...

haha... you are so funny with your etsy finds! i bookmarked them all for next time i need decals. :) and i love the owl pillow...

Becca said...

oh Laura so cute! I definitely have a similar wall design bookmarked for the future. ;-) and I love Cassidy. I think she's lovely. :-)

Mrs. Ellis said...

You are doing a wonderful job decorating Miya's room!! I love the beauty and simplicity of it all!!!( kind of reminds me of the Amish)...Must run in the blood since your great grandfather was Penn. Dutch Love you!!!

Seth and Janet said...

that is just the cutest thing...and don't worry seth and i name a lot of things too ;)

miya's room is too cute!

Brandy said...

your owl is precious!