Friday, January 02, 2009

Merry Christmas, wait Happy New Year!

Hard to believe both have passed! And I just realized I haven't posted anything since our anniversary trip. Our days have been so full these past few weeks. Between unpacking, organizing, settling, celebrating holidays and birthdays, and just the ordinary stuff of life we haven't had much time to blog.

I also had a little scare this week where I was having multiple contractions very close together and went in to be tested for pre-term labor. Thankfully the contractions aren't doing anything, and the doctor confirmed it was not pre-term labor. He thinks it was a combination of the bronchitis I am fighting and just being worn out. It seems like I am picking up lots of nasty "bugs" this pregnancy, which I guess makes sense since I am exposed to so many sick kiddos. But I would love prayers that my immune system would pick up enough to help me stay well until my delivery! I am trying to pump my body full of vitamin C and I have been trying to work out every day which seems to help too. My OB has been so great, treating me with every bout of bronchitis/sinus infections, this time he even gave me an antibiotic with refills for "next time" but I am praying there will be no next time. This week has consisted of much needed rest, which Miya and I have throroughly enjoyed!

So, instead of filling this post with updates I will do individual posts for each thing. I have lots of pictures I have had hanging around in my camera...

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