Thursday, June 15, 2006

How do you give honor where honor is due

I was thinking about the post I wrote last Thursday (you gotta give honor where honor is due). I feel like moving past this topic wouldn't be wise because I didn't really leave any application. One of the things I am strong at is knowing truth and not applying at. I figure if I am weak at finding application for Sciptural commands then either 1)Those who read this blog can give me good feedback or 2)Those who read this blog can find helpful suggestions.

How do we show honor to the important women in our lives. The key is through communication. Communication happens in two ways(bear with me here); verbal and non-verbal. When we seek to honor wives we must use not just words, but also action.

What does verbally honoring our wives look like. Just a few suggestions
  • Encourage more then discourage
  • Seek to build her up, especially with others
  • Pray for her
  • Ask questions about her day
  • Speak in a kind and gentle tone
  • Do not be condescending or belittling

What does non-verbally honoring our wives look like

  • Seek to serve instead of be served.
  • Know her schedule and when you forsee a rough day for her, have a surprise planned.
  • Know her likes and dislikes so you know what blesses her.
  • Know her fears so you can comfort her
  • Know her temptations so you can protect her
  • Know her needs so you can bless her
  • Know her limitations so you can better serve her.

As it appears from the above, to honor a wife verbally is a lot easier then doing it non-verbally. Before any action can take place, a husband must be a student of his wife. After being a student of his wife a husband can't just stand idly by once he's obtained that information about his wife, but he must use it to communicate love and affection. Anyone can read the lines of a script or say the right words, but living those words and truly being the part of a husband is only possible through the grace of God.

Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts about how to show honor and love, cuz we all know that I am no expert.

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