Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cutie Pies

Here are a few photo updates of my favorite niece and nephew! They are so precious. I spent some time with Isaiah on Wednesday and he is getting so big. We took him to the library and got him some books then spent some time at home playing. He has a new toy that he stands up and pushes around, but hasn't quite mastered how to turn it so he walks really fast with it then crashes into something (anything in the way: the wall, the couch, the vacuum) and then he turns around and starts huffing like come on help me out! Its so cute. Then I was able to spend some time with Gianna today and she is getting big too. She is so curious and is starting to a very loud voice! It sounds like she's yelling....obviously trying to get a point across ;)

Keys in one hand moose in the other

Hat on ready to brave the cold

She was all sprawled out on the couch making all kinds of noises and funny facial expressions

This is a picture of her face when she is talking....very expressive! She's a big talker and very loud...I wonder which parent she got that from?? ;)

This is Isaiah takin a lil nap on the way home from the library

Showing off his new toy...he's actually waiting for one of us to turn the scooter so he can go on his merry old way.

Eating lunch by himself like a big boy. Fork in one hand and using the other hand to scoop up the mac and cheese :)

Sitting on his truck taking a break after a several laps with his new toy

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Lew said...

Those two are cutie pies! It must run in their genes!