Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend day trip

This weekend Lew and decided to take a day trip to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home in Virginia. We had such a good time and it ended up being such a pretty day outside so we had a lot of fun exploring good old Jefferson's plantation. We would definitely recommend visiting, however, after our day trip we decided next time we would probably make it an overnight trip because the drive was a little over 3 hours both ways! Here are some pictures...

Jefferson's grave

Lew and I in front of the garden

A view of the garden which was incredible! There were hills all around the garden and a rail which also had a drop off along the edges of the garden. It felt like you were on top of this huge mountain looking around at just scenery...very nice

A view of his home

Lew and I in front of this fireplace that was still standing after 200 years...I think the steel rod thingy's are helping it to stand now though ;)

Still in the garden

Another view of Jefferson's house

Lew in front of the garden

This was a little garden gazebo that had windows on all four sides from top to bottom. It was so pretty and allowed you to see the garden from all angles.

More views of the garden

The view from the garden ;)


Jess said...

So glad to see that you and Lew are doing well! Isn't married life great!? If you all are ever out our way, come see us...we would love to have you as guests!

mama said...

The next time you go,let me know.Maybe Dad and I could go too!!!I love the pictures.....I would love to be a "little woman" in that house:0)

Laura said...

You would love it there Mom! In fact I thought of you the whole time and how much you would enjoy getting to pretend you were a little woman!
We'll have to plan a trip with you and Dad. Love you!

Jess said...

If you are interested in more natural housekeeping, I have the books that I use listed in my blog. I love it - I get headaches from chemical cleaners and once you make the initial investment, natural homekeeping is less expensive. If you have any other questions, just let me know! =)