Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm back and are we ever busy!

I'm back from camp....and still recovering! It was a crazy week for Rissa and I, but by God's grace we made it through with no AC and being outside (yes in the 112 degree heat index) for more than 6 hours a day. Even though there were some challenges God blessed our week and we have many memories of the sweet children we were able to work with. Unfortunately all we have are memories, due to confidentiality we weren't able to take any pictures during the week since the camp was a medical camp. But I doubt I'll ever forget the faces of the children we encountered!

On another note as soon as I got back I basically slept ;) It had been a looooong week. Then our weekend plans kicked into high gear. Saturday morning was Gianna's 1st Birthday party and then after that was a baby shower for Hannah who was here for the weekend with Enoch and Isaiah. We had so much fun getting to spend this weekend with them! I totally forgot to take pictures of Hannah's shower (I cant believe I did that!) but here are a bunch from Gianna's party:

Mommy, Daddy with the birthday girl and Grandpa and Grandma
I think someone else was taking a picture at the same time ;)

Mom doing what she does best: entertaining the kiddos

The hula dancer with Dada

What a cutie pie!

Her beautiful birthday cake that Momma and Dada made

Little buddy ;) He's gotten so big!

Isaiah with Aunt Laura

Swinging....with one shoe ;)

Here is a short video clip of Gianna dancing. I tried to get a better one but with all the kids it was hard to get a good shot without someone jumping in the way. But here is the cutie pie dressed in her cute hula skirt!

And in other news... Meet our little buddy Prince. Isn't he pretty! Yes folks this is our first step towards preparing for parenthood. We thought we'd start small ;)

Thats all for now. I am trying some new summer recipes this week so depending on how they turn out I may post a few.


Hannah said...

We so enjoyed our weekend with you. Thanks for all you did to make things special & blessing little Naomi too. I think fish are a good way to start. We look forward to your visit!

Mrs. Ellis said...

lAURA:Thanks so much for all your love this weekend!!!I am so grateful for you and the blessing you are to all of us, including Riss, Hannah and lil Naomi( and Gigi too)I love all the pics!!!Mama