Friday, August 03, 2007

Thoughts on Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Over at the Desiring God blog they have a couple of great resources on the tragedy of the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis.

1)A video of footage from the scene (Desiring God offices is located one office away from the bridge) with an excerpt from a Piper sermons called, "Where is God."
2)John Piper's reflection on the event and a conversation he had with his 11-year old daughter when he put her to sleep.

Both of these resources I would highly recommend.

This morning on the metro the cover story was on the bridge and a report in 2005 said that the bridge was "structurally deficient." Is that not true for all of us. Are we not all "structurally deficient" because of the sin that plagues all people. I am not God, but I know who is, Holy Spirit, help me to completely place my trust in Him because in Him there is no weakness or deficiency.

"There is no such thing as implicit confidence or reliance on God until we renounce all confidence in ourselves. When Paul was convinced that no wisdom or efforts of his own could deliver him from death, then he was forced to rely on the power of God... The experience of past deliverance and mercies is the ground of present peace and of confidence for the future." Charles Hodge

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