Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So we were actually able to get a shot of all our family (all that were in MD that is...we missed hannah's fam, and Rissa!)


Charissa said...

aww this is a great picture, I missed you guys on Thanksgiving, I love you so much! cant wait to see everyone!

Trebor Siwel said...

I am glad my "Bud" spent Thanksgiving with Family and I am truly glad he is a part of your family. There is an ole saying that says something like "A son is a son until he takes a wife, a duaghter is a daughter for life." Because family means so much to me I am truly glad you have accepted my son into your family. He will always be loved and in my heart but I am truly glad he has loved ones and family close to him. We are all members of the family of God but affirmation and love by those close to us is comforting. So i close this comment to Laura, Lew, and the Ellis' -- ss my bud would say -- "Love you guys!"
Poppa Lew