Monday, November 12, 2007

To My Long Lost Friend

Dear Warm Weather,

I haven't seen you around in a while. To be honest, I miss you. In October we had this talk, and I thoughts things were going to change. You gave me the impression that you were going to be around for a while. This year was supposed to be different, I know that every year you leave to make way for fall and winter, but I like you better, I've always liked you better.

Please don't mistake my glances into the closet at sweaters as a secret desire for you to away. Just because I find fleece comfortable does not mean that I wanted you to go away.

I thought we had something special going, I like being warm and you like creating high temperatures. Some people may try to put you down and accuse you of something called, "global warming," but you don't have to listen to them. They're all just haters. Warm weather, everyone loves you. You're so bright people have to wear shades around you!

Warm weather, there might have been times I sat inside in the AC, but please know that I never took you for granted. Where you ever you go warm weather, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you. You may leave me for a season, but I will be here, enduring the cold, waiting for you to come back.



Charissa said...

haha I love this Lew, I totally agree with you, it's even snowed here some! Reading this definitely brightened my day though : )

Cara said...

This is very well written and so funny! It made me think of my husband, who is right there with you on the warm weather thing; I had to send him the link so he could enjoy it too. Thanks for sharing, Lew. -Cara Wilcox