Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kid's say the darndest things

I have gotten to enjoy some funny conversations with my niece and nephew about the baby in my belly. I just love their responses....

A conversation with my niece Gianna on Sunday (she is 2)

Me: (pointing to belly) Gianna what is
in here?
Gianna: your belly
Me: Yeah but there is something in there! It's your new cousin Miya!
Gianna: (with pure excitement in her voice and a shriek) Can we open it!!!
Me: (laughing) No not yet we have to wait a few months for her to come out.
Gianna: (with disappointment and resignation in her voice) Oh,OK.

Conversation with Isaiah (he's 3) the week before we found out what we were having

Me: Isaiah, do you know what's in my
Isaiah: A baby!
Me: Yup. Do you think the baby is
going to be a boy like you, or a
girl like Naomi?
Isaiah: Um, a Girl!
Me: Oh yeah?
Isaiah: Yup. Aunt Laura do you think
the baby is going to be... a
monkey? or a yak?
Me: laughing to hard to get any words

I was able to notify little buddy a few weeks later that his guess what absolutely correct we are having a girl. I also reassured him we were not having a monkey or a yak, much to his disappointment.

You gotta love the innocence of children!

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