Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No place like home.

I was reading through our old blog and thanks to my excessive blogging in the past I have lots of fun memories recorded from our first year of marriage, it was sweet to look through and remember the pre-pregnant days :) Either way it feels like home here at blogger.

So what's new?

Our poppy seed is now a mango, 6.5 inches to be exact. Sorry for an old picture I took this one at almost 2 weeks ago when I was 17 weeks, and am now 19 weeks. Poppy has made "it's" presence known these days. I started to feel the movement a few weeks ago but each week it feels a whole lot more of a kick than a flutter. Our poor poppy has had to endure a nasty stomach virus this past week. But don't feel bad for our baby, I was assured that poppy was getting any and all of the nutrients and electrolytes I was able to keep down and would be just fine. Whew that was a relief. Our child has also mastered the task of back flips in the womb, well I guess I can't prove that's what it is doing, but seriously it wouldn't surprise me. And it seems to like to practice most at night and early in the morning. It also has found a nice cozy spot to hang out on my right round ligament. That's right I am imagining our baby laying on the hammock of my ligament sipping a drink and relaxing. Meanwhile I am hobbling around applying hot compressess and trying to apply counterpressure to encourage poppy to find a new spot to relax in my womb. More than anything this pregnancy has made me realize in a whole new way that my body is not my own, and what a gift for God to allow me to house this precious child for these 9 months. It is really a joy, all the aches and pains can't compare to the blessing of carrying this little one. I just find so much humor in the process. Nothing can really prepare you for what it's like to carry a child.

In similar news today will more than likely be the last day we refer to our child as "poppy" (or "offspring", as Lew likes to refer to it) but Lord willing tomorrow our child will have a name. I know amazingly Lew and I have had our names picked out since 10 weeks and are just waiting to find out boy or girl. So we'll see it just depends on if our little one cooperates. But if you ask Lew he will tell you that his "SON" isn't going to be shy. Yeah Lew is pretty much already sure that it's a boy, but only the ultrasound will tell. So more news on that tomorrow.


tessa said...

so now that you're back to blogspot you can add a baby ticker! ;) so glad all is going well :)

Rachel said...

woo-hoo, can't wait to find out! you guys had better call us! ;)
jer and rach

Hannah said...

we can't wait to find out!!!!We are so excited to find out if its a monkey or a yak! love ya!

Laura said...

haha a monkey or a yak. I still can't get over that sweet silly boy.